I've recently had a lively debate with a deist who asserted that atheism is a religeon as it has set tennents and creeds that are followed i.e. the tendancy to adhear to certain "dogma" such as skeptism and so on..

Now I've heard this flacid arguement more times than I'd like, but this particuler individual pruposed that not only is atheism a religeon that the whole of philosophy is by definition a religeon in that it follows set guidelines put forth. He went onto to assert political philosophies are as well. That is what got me thinking...Is a religeon a commonly held set of beleifs shared by a group as proposed by a figure head(s)?

this got my brain scratching...so I'm interested to hear what you think


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I'll have to reply when I'm on the PC. There was html-whargarble that came up when I posted on my tablet. Dangit.

Long and short of it... There are many listings for religion in dictionaries... He shouldn't equate one definition (Politics or sports as a religion) with another (belief in a deity or the supernatural).

Interesting to note is that the antonyms for religion in Merriam Webster's for religion was atheism and godlessness.

I don't like the term 'godlessness.' It rolls off the tongue with the same dour bite as 'childlessness.' We're fine without belief just as some are fine without procreating.

I can't agree more, i also hate the attitude taken that I "just don't know better" there is some secret truth I'm missing.

Scepticism isn't dogma:-



Noun: dogma (dogmas,dogmata)  dóg-mu

  1. A religious doctrine that is proclaimed as true without proof
    - tenet
  2. A doctrine or code of beliefs accepted as authoritative
    "he believed all the Marxist dogma"



Noun: scepticism  'skep-ti,si-zum
Usage: (<i>US</i>: )

  1. Doubt about the truth of something
    - incredulity, disbelief, skepticism [N. Amer], mental rejection
  2. The disbelief in any claims of ultimate knowledge
    - agnosticism, skepticism [N. Amer]


What authoritative beliefs does atheism supposedly hold to? In atheism, who is the authority? You can identify such things in common religions, but not in atheism. Surely atheism is the rejection of religions and the rejection of the truth of religions. That's not even scepticism - it is the end result of a healthy scepticism. Scepticism is questioning. Atheism is the final rejection, afterwards.

Well I've just had more of a discussion with the guy he also has near death expierence claims, and says that we are more than the "physical body". I had assumed he had a more intellectual basis to back up his philosphical hypothosis than that...the whole thing was nauseating.

I thank you for youre replies I'll mention them though will likely end up in another long winded bout in circuler reasoning.

Honestly though, there is no requirement of skepticism to be an atheist.  Yes, it's true that skepticism in general has lead many of us to become atheists, it is wrong to assume that all atheists are skeptics.  One of my ex girlfriends was an atheist because the idea of god just sounded dumb to her.  There's not a whole lot of thought going into that position, but she did still reach that conclusion using no logic or reasoning at all.  IMO atheist is a non-descriptive term, aside from lacking belief in gods, it's a fairly empty label. This is easily demonstrated by asking a room full of atheists some political questions, or art, or culture.  We are likely to be as divided on these topics as any other people on the planet.  The claim of atheist dogma is just absurd.  All I can say is that if there is a manifesto, a list somewhere of our supposed doctrine and godma I didn't get a copy. 


Atheism doesn't necessarily equate to intelligence. However, I believe the average Atheist is better informed and more intelligent than someone from the general Christian population.

I think Atheism should be considered a religion on the political landscape, particularly in the United States. We have rights that are worth protecting as this country snowballs into a Christian theocracy. Ironically, such a switch would be the biggest dishonor to the 911 victims who lost their lives to an Islamic theocracy. (That's assuming you buy the official story on the 911 hijackings. That's a different topic altogether.) All this nonsense about "my religion is better than your religion" is like a team sport or like a playground argument about who has the better imaginary friend.

I think it's a misconception that all atheists are the same...as was stated above by Todd Soulliard, we are the same only in the lack of beleife in god(s) (at least in the conventional sense) categorising any group is a fallacy by nature as it never takes individuality into consideration. Just as two people can like the same genre of music doesen't mean they'll agree on certain artists etc.

I think even more than I'm an atheist I hate the categorizing nature everyone seems to take. No one "group" is any better or worse, groups worked when we had to fight for resources and (provided) we all work together, we don't have to anymore.

Just my opinion..



Religion needs faith, a belief without foundation and atheism disapproves faith. Religion then creates an interdependent belief system based purely based on faith. Atheism does not have any belief system. Atheism and religion can not be equated based on just one or two seemingly similar atributes.

My next door neighbor was a stone cold and vocal Atheist. He was also a right wing, love my guns, nut and a world class asshole. I can't imagine a group or party in which we would have common interests.

Atheist are a slice of the population that includes the entire spectrum of the population (minus the true believers). Other than their non-belief, it's a real mixed bag with nothing else that groups them except non-belief; not the best position on which to base a  political unity.

Atheism is not a religion it is a LACK OF RELIGION. Philosophically political views are a complete joke. they are dished out by men with too much power who are nothing but actors in a movie, but most of all they are eaten up by the fools who, unfortunately, populate a generous portion of our planet. like I was saying earlier in a reply to a post; Saying Atheism is a religion is like saying NOT playing baseball is a sport. It is a contradicting statement that I have had said to me many of times.

My point of view: Atheism is not a religion. It is not a cult. I would actually be hesitant to call it a group even, and here is my reasoning. No matter the religion that any human on this earth says they live by, no matter the god they bow down to, that religion says that ALL other religions are WRONG. They are blasphemous in the eyes of YOUR god. In other words no matter the religion you have in your pocket EVERY other religion is saying your a sinner and you will go to hell for believing in the wrong god. Not to mention the 3000+ contradictions within the "holy bible".

I'm sorry i failed to mention this. I'm not very educated on any form of religion. You can consider me agnostic for that very reason. I was conversing with a friend of mine (religious) the other day. His belief is that the universe is 8000 years old. He seriously believes that god spent 6X the amount of time creating the earth than he spent creating the billions of stars. Six days to whip up earth......one night to lay out the stars. This obviously made me a little bit flustered with my friends debating tactics, as well as making me wonder whether or not he should be in an insane asylum, considering we, as in PHYSICAL HUMAN BEINGS, can look at stars that are already dead and gone, however, they are millions of light years away from us. Meaning it took light MILLIONS of years to travel through space and be shed upon our optic nerves. Basically, the idea of the universe being 8000 years old is a completely ignorant thing to have fly out of your mouth JUST for the sake of arguing. Just wanted to share that little story.

Trevor Johnson

20yrs old

Spokane, WA


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