Atheism and anarchism have a common point: They are against the state.


Believers, theists or non-theists (like Confuciusists or taoists) need the state to govern and to spread on their beliefs. So non-believers should be against the state and its religious power (theocrasy).


Communists and anarchists differ on this subject. The main stream communists need to have the state / the government. So they were against anarchists in Internationals.


In so called real socialism, ex-USSR and China had atheist inquisition. The religion may be opium of the peoples, but you should not force the people not to believe.


We see that ex-East Europe (COMECON) countries’ people partly return to the Christianity. Of course this is partly because of reel socialists.


The state has a 5 millenniums history and this is called as the World System.


This total panorama shows us, first we go to less gods and second we go to less state.


Today most atheists live in Europe. This is because of 2 world wars. People lost their believes to anything, also to their God.


3rd World countries have mainly 2 groups: Inquisition of Islam and non-theist religions.


In this panorama, Islam and Christianity seems to continue their religious wars for many next centuries.


We, the atheists must create a living space to ourselves. They will not allow us to exist. So we will struggle against them. So we do.

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Well states may suck, but state-independent foundations are not necessarily an improvement..

State has to answer to the people at some point, but a foundation that is its own boss with a control of a resource that is a human necessity (food?, health?) could be everyone's (at least everyone who depends on them) boss.

And in many countries, (including our own Turkey) the presence of a state actually protects minorities like atheists & alevis (a quite eccentric Muslim group that has been persecuted by sunni muslims throughout history) but of course that does not mean that everyone in the state has our best interests in their mind.

The state has to answer for they do, and they realize that.

Angry mobs don't.

Therefore a even a state that is composed of people filled with malicious thoughts are better than an angry mob.

States are no more religious than the people in them, and usually less so.......

Well, Alev, your idea of a seperate space for atheists is a dream and a wishful thinking. It does not answer what I have said in the first para of my above reply. Self interested people will infiltrate such an atheist state and if you want the land to belong to true atheists, you will have to frame strict immigration rules! Believe me, this is true. Keeping the state to be a true atheist state will be impossible.

"My" idea of seperate space for atheism?

I wasn't replying to your post, I was replying to the first. 

As for country full of atheist, you may also consider looking into North European countries.

Whereas atheism by itself is never a good thing, things that make a good country such as freedom of thought and cultural development inevitably leads to atheism.

There is no single heavily religious country in the entire world where you would want to live...

Atheism does not provide an improved country, but the other way around.

Vatican's henchmen... now those be anerkists...



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