After finding yet another article on ABC news linking religion to obesity and poor health, I decided to see if anything had been written about atheism and health.  Of course, there is next to nothing on this topic - except an article on Conservapedia and this blog which was written by a poe. 



Another fine article from Conservapedia: Atheism and Mental and Physical Health.

Concerning atheism and mental and physical health, there is considerable amount of scientific evidence that suggest that theism is more conducive to mental and physical health than atheism.

Here are some quotes from the article:

Currently, there is an ongoing debate regarding whether atheism was a causal factor for Friedrich Nietzsche's insanity or whether it was caused strictly by disease.

Therefore, in recent history Christendom has seen a large influx of very religious people who live healthy lifestyles and have low levels of obesity.

Madalyn Murray O'Hair was the founder of the American Atheists organization and she was overweight. As of December 28, 2010, the pictures of the members of the American Atheists organization's board of directors showed a significant portion of its members having excess body weight.




Apparently, there have been no studies done on atheism and health or being an atheist does not have an impact on health.  If anyone can find a study on the relationship between atheism and health, I would like to see it. 

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Curiosity got the best of me and I did a little research.. Knowing Conservapedia one has to check sources before accepting what they say as factual.. They did fine and didn't skewer their reference.. Here is the paper published in The Mayo Clinic Proceedings.. It's a peer reviewed journal and not a fly by night outfit.. You have to have grit to get through it but, after all, it's a scientific paper.. It doesn't ask the big question. That's not its' purpose.  PDF format

Thanks for sharing this!  I just skimmed over it, but I found a couple of things interesting.


One study 42 of hospitalized veterans, however, found no relationship between religious involvement, religious coping, and mortality.

Nonmaleficence (“do no harm”) requires that physicians not proselytize. In addition, the
results of the studies we reviewed do not justify a physician’s prescription for patients to engage in religious activities. The ethical physician would not make such recommendations just as she or he would not recommend that patients marry or have children even though these activities are associated with health benefits.  Finally, religious and spiritual practices should not replace effective allopathic treatments.



Thank you.  Please don't. We gave at the office.


Dude, if conservapedia has any electronic equivalent to an editor, it must be the cushiest,most laid-back, easiest job ever! The policy is "make stuff up for jesus!"



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