So atheists have a higher IQ.This has left me with a warm feelling.


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I agree - there is no connection between Atheism and IQ.

While it's common sense that innovators are more likely to be among the brightest in a population, Landau hasn't made a cause and effect case to my standard. I suppose I've long believed that people with higher IQ are more likely to be on the leading edge of social innovation, based on personal experience. In the Polyamory and Bisexual circles in which I participated a high proportion had graduate degrees. Any discussion group was likely to have several doctorates. Nevertheless, this research is merely suggestive.

Here's three more articles about IQ and Atheism

31 Mar 2009
The correlation between atheism and IQ is being talked about again because the study I blogged about last year (by Richard Lynn) has just been published. PZ Myers simply dismisses it - there's no correlation at all, he thinks ...
01 Mar 2010
Anon said "If you spend a good amount of your life thinking of spiritual things, of course you'll average a bit lower on an IQ test" Depends on how you define spiritual. Atheists are not spiritists and are not superstitious (both ...
12 Oct 2008
During the 20th century, religious belief has declined in western nations, coupled with an increase in IQ (the 'Flynn effect'); Nations with higher average IQ have higher numbers of atheists. I've plotted these data in the graph ...
From the 12 Oct article:
...For a start, look at the graph of IQ versus belief, and focus on nations with a mean IQ of around 100. In these nations, there's almost no correlation between IQ and belief. The apparent connection comes mostly from a gaggle of nations that are characterised by high levels of belief and low IQ. And, importantly, these are all low-income nations. We already know - and Lynn acknowledges - that increasing material wealth in Western Nations in the 20th century lead to increasing IQ. Does this have anything to do with it?
And what about within nations? Those data showing that individuals higher up the social scale have lower levels of belief? These people are not the same as individuals with lower IQ, since they have more control over their lives and are largely free from money and health worries.

And this is the elephant in the room. The thing that connects all these apparent correlations between religiosity and intelligence is a third factor. Something that is fundamentally important as a cause of religious belief, and something I bang on about on this blog quite frequently: that a secure life equals a life in which people can free themselves from religion.... 

Nevertheless, let us believe, for our satisfaction, that atheists have higher IQ, that is, we are more intellegent than the religionists and god-believers! After all, we have selected a saner path!

Madhukar, before my head gets too big for my hat, I want to see your evidence:

1. For your higher IQ claim, and

2. For your saner path claim.

Tom Sarbeck

My saner path is atheism, what else? And what I mean is that those who may get satisfaction by assuming higher IQ because we have chosen a saner path of atheism may do so. See the ! mark at the end. If still in doubt, see my answer to Rob van Senten above.


I've read of China's long history and of the superiority of its culture to Western culture. Individual rulers valued or devalued learning, so it might be said that there were several periods of relative ignorance and relative learning.

In the West there appears to have been two Dark Ages, the first after the Babylonian period and before the Greek period, and the second after the fall of Rome and before the Enlightenment.

Catholicism dominated in the second Dark Ages and it had adopted what I understand as Platonic idealism, in which asserting a claim sufficed as evidence for the claim. For instance, a charge of witchcraft sufficed as evidence for the charge.

I wrote above that I want to see evidence for your higher IQ claim and your saner path claim.

In your reply, I see only a repetition of your claims. Where is your evidence for them?

Tom Sarbec

let us believe, for our satisfaction, that atheists have higher IQ,

I have already explained that atheism, in my opinion is a saner path and I think that you may have no dispute with that. As far as higher IQ is concerned, my above part of the remark is in response to Jabal Kwanja's original post, for those who want to believe that atheists have higher IQ,

I, for one, have no need to base self esteem on invidious comparison to others.

Low IQ & Conservative Beliefs Linked to Prejudice

here's no gentle way to put it: People who give in to racism and prejudice may simply be dumb, according to a new study that is bound to stir public controversy....


There is a more gentle way to put it...

...if you can accept that in our fast-moving, highly competitive economy, intellectually challenged people might fear for their future and give in to racism and prejudice.


Did you read the link? 




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