Good talk via Hemant Mehta's website.  Lots of info about rights and non-rights of atheists in the workplace.

Some thoughts.

The gov't can define atheism as a religion, even though it's not.  The gov't defines tomatoes as a vegetable, even though they are a fruit.  And that was a unanimous Supreme court decision.  Anyway, similar idea.

A person can be harassed out of a job without anyone saying why they are harassing you.  Been there.  People don't even have to admit to harassing you.  A hostile work environment is a very difficult place to be.  Even if a company officially supports diversity, individual branches or workgroups can make an employee miserable and cover their tracks well enough that there is no recourse.

What she says about documentation of work performance is right.  Also about keeping published performance reviews and productivity on coworkers, if that information is available to all.  It can save a job.  As she says, "document document document".  Save every performance appraisal, productivity report, kudo, and assessment.  

Some of the language in the video is not safe for work.  At least where I work.  Use of f-word.

There is a brief all-red screen midway through.  It passes and the video continues.

I wish it wasn't the case, but I think, if you need your job, you need your job.  Also, if you need a reference for a future job, sometimes that means discretion too.

I never talk about atheism, religion, politics, sexual issues at work.  Never.   When other people do, I do my utmost to leave the conversation.   If they are taking Jesus and God and christmas and holy moly, it doesn't hurt me, so I stay out of it.

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I do get sick of seeing or hearing stuff people say of a religious bend... such as an all staff email asking for "prayers" for someone, or mentioning god in some way at the end of an email....   I do like parking next to one particular co worker that has jesus fish and god bumper stickers all over her car though, as I have the American Atheists symbol (from on my bumper... and no one seems to know what it is!




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