Right now, I'm reading "Doubt, a history" by Jennifer Hecht and am finding it to be one of the best books on skeptical and atheist thought but had hardly seen any suggestions for it in most places I visit.

I think we'd all consider the big 3 (Hitchens, Dawkins, & Harris) as authors to suggest to someone wanting to get a better handle on their emerging atheism, or just for continued contemplation. That said, what other atheism books have you found helpful that maybe aren't receiving so much attention on, for example, Amazon

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The Faith Instinct, by Nicholas Wade

Outstanding expose' into the biology of why humans have been so religious.


Infidel and Nomad, by Ayaan Hirsi Ali

One of the best current calls for reason from within the darkness of superstition. I recommend listening to the audio books, as her voice adds a whole dimension to her words.


Great Transformation, by Karen Armstrong

One of the greatest thinkers about the history of religion alive today, Karen's books (like "The History of God") are not written to promote nor dethrone religion, but to explain its history.

"Atheism: The Case Against God" by George H. Smith is the best, as far as I am concerned.
"The Case Against Christianity" by Michael Martin is also good.


I love!!! Jennifer Hecht. I keep her "Doubt" history at my bedside.

I would like to see more history books focused on secularity and unbelief.

It's a somewhat neglected field. Although, without their saying so specifically, Will and Ariel Durant made a tremendous contribution in that regard with their 11 volume "Story of Civilization".


- Gary


The Book Your Church Doesn't Want You to Read", Tim C. Leedom, Ed.


Definately suggest you check out this book. Not 'preachy', as so many anti-theist books are, and the wide range of authors/subjects provides ample opportunites to discover new perspectives, information.


Book can be ordered by calling 1-800-228-0810.


Suggestion . . .

could a moderator put up a sumerized list of the books recommended here?


There is a summary as of last August posted on that Date a page back in the discussion. Thanks for your book suggestion; not one I had heard of before
I would like to read de Sade. I will start with this book, thanks Dru!

I'm reading "supersition" by robert park.

hi every one on this book reading nexus site...

I am to be in the intenet cafe for just a while...

i am a self taught Afrikan freethinker (refers my profile)...an autodidact book reading-"phile"...

i would hereby kindly wish to ask any generous freethinker to kindly either borrow/lent/give/grant me this book by giant Bertrand Russell, a history of western philosophy...

I have in mind the vision of writing philosophy in my swahili language just to get the general populace get introduced to it...

as of now it is the book in my list that i badly (or rather goodly?) need...

it saddens me much much to know/notice/realize that prophets Jesus Christ, and Mohamed are well known here, while Socrates the master icon of the iconoclast to start with, is not, not at all..!

Imagine that a paradox...it is my dream wish to intervene and may be change, to get philosophy (hereby freethinking) known too...

it is because there is lack of access (almost non existence)of such same here...and that's why i would kindly rely on your generosity...

i will comply to any terms of the would be lender of same...

humbly yours Nsajigwa in Tanzanian east Afrika

Nsajigwa, there are many writings and quotes of Bertrand Russell on the internet, i.e.

"Why I am not a Christian"


Or Google "Bertrand Russell"

Please keep in touch on what you learn, and how you are doing. 


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