Right now, I'm reading "Doubt, a history" by Jennifer Hecht and am finding it to be one of the best books on skeptical and atheist thought but had hardly seen any suggestions for it in most places I visit.

I think we'd all consider the big 3 (Hitchens, Dawkins, & Harris) as authors to suggest to someone wanting to get a better handle on their emerging atheism, or just for continued contemplation. That said, what other atheism books have you found helpful that maybe aren't receiving so much attention on, for example, Amazon

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I haven't looked at this one yet, just discovered its existence:

Losing My Religion: How I Lost My Faith Reporting on Religion in America -- And Found Unexpected Peace
by William Lobdell

I'm partial to my own book, of course. :-) It's called Christian No More. You can see the amazon page at http://www.amazon.com/dp/0981631304 .

And one favorite of mine is 50 Reasons People Give for Believing in a God.

"Atheism Advanced" by David Eller.

Let me just say you need to read this book. I am overwhelmed with all that it had to say and can't write a coherent sentence. But let me try:

I just finished it and immediately went back and started re-reading it. It's not like I didn't pay attention the first time either; the thing is bristling with post-it notes and Page Points. It's just that there is so much here to think about.

This is not another (though they're good, too) book that simply restates what's wrong with various religions. Rather, the author covers much of how we unwittingly reinforce the position of religion in society with many of our own arguments and even our speech. He covers many aspects of religion and importantly covers the critical issues of remembering that we need to use the right words in our discussions. Simply put, atheists inadvertently argue less effectively when they speak in ways that focus on just being anti-christianity. We know we are anti-theism and presumably are also anti-"nontheist religion" (belief in chi, a soul, ghosts, etc) as well. But, some of the ways we argue with christians and other theists actually make their case for them. (A simple one we get caught in is the old line that if you say "there is no god" then you must have a concept of god in order to be able to deny it and therefor really do believe in god in spite of your words.)

I am unworthy to try to summarize all the points made in his book.

The book is however, "advanced" atheism and not "atheism 101". Someone struggling with their religious beliefs is going to be baffled by this. It is great for those who have fully left "religion" but have questions about why religions exist, what can we do about them, how are they harmful, why and how should we make an effort to impair their influence on society, and much more.

If you go to Amazon and look in the "used and new" options, you can buy it direct from the author.
The best one I think is "Atheism: The Case Against God" by George Smith. It includes many criticisms against arguments from the theists and exposes the holes of those theists' arguments, including the First Cause argument. It is also a great introductory book for an intellectual atheist who wants to learn about the kind of ethics that does not depends on the belief of God.
One of my favorites was "atheist universe" by david mills (i think)
I came across "Atheist Universe" years ago. It's good. I didn't buy it, though, because it told me what I had already know.
I didn't see it on anyones post so I'd add Michel Onfray's Atheist Manifesto.
I like "Everything You Know about god Is Wrong": The Disinformation Guide to Religion by Russ Kick, Neil Gaiman and Richard Dawkins.
besides my heros Darwin, Dawkins, Dennett, Harris, Hitchens.

i would have to suggest Victor J. Stenger's book "God The Failed Hypothesis" or Darrel W. Ray's "The God Virus How Religion Infects our Life and Culture" or Neil Shubin's Your Inner Fish A journey into The 3.5- Billion Year History Of The Human Body" or Steven Pinker's "The Blank Slate The Mordern Denial of Human Nature" as well as, John Allen Paulos book " Irreligion a Mathematician Explains Why the Arguments for God Just Don't Add Up". i have only tried to mention a few their are many more books out their to read that might interest you i hope i could help.
Agreed. I bought it and didn't read it for a while since the title sounded a little too "woo woo" to me. But it was really excellent. My copy has all kinds of post-its stuck to pages marking excellent points that the author makes.
Yes, "Doubt" was excellent as well. 'Natural Atheism" and "Atheism Advanced" were a couple that I found were great (I've posted about them here before). Another I read some time ago that is also on my "shelf of fame" was "Like Rolling Uphill."

I really do think any of Bart Ehrman's books are worth a read as well. I read "Misquoting Jesus" but I know there are others of his that are likely worthwhile as well.
I just finished Ayaan Hirsi Ali's biography 'Infidel'. It was completely captivating and I could hardly put it down. She has led a truly heroic life.

I also recently read Bart Erhman's 'Jesus Interrupted' which was an easy read but simultaneously educational and devastating to a literal interpretation of the bible.




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