From personal experience perhaps some misfortune in life has anyone lost their faith, from feeling let down by church community?

We're all familiar with Atheists here and lack of religion but does anyone feel they hate god, even though shouldn't technically Atheists not believe in god to begin with. I'm drawing a distinction between scientific skepticism and intellectual rebellion here.


I think a good example is when there may be some catastophe and people feel they may want to blame a higher power and adopt Atheism from revulsion of god being involved in a disaster. Felt punished and saw god as the bad guy, understood in human to human relationships but between us and the supernatural. The old problem of evil. We wouldn't mock something that doesn't exist, we've decided to fight ideas.


I'm not suggesting Atheists are angry people because I know anger is a universal emotion, felt by believers and non-believers. I'm looking to explore the idea of Atheists arising from a hatred of god. The rejection of the idea,  maybe a result of seeing suffering.

Some excerpts on the idea:


John Milton's Paradise Lost is often cited as an apology of Satan's rebellion against a despotic God


Hrafnkell, protagonist of the eponymous Icelandic saga set in the 10th century, as his temple to Freyr is burnt and he is enslaved states that "I think it is folly to have faith in gods", never performing another sacrifice, a position described in the sagas as "godless".


Old Norse legend occasionally mentions certain men who, turning away in utter disgust and doubt from the heathen faith, placed their reliance on their own strength and virtue. "in themselves they trusted".


A favorite of mine, "the nature of the leeches, the virgins feeling cheated, you've only spent a second of your life" Marilyn Manson

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Felt deceived by ideas of God

That's interesting, I wasnt' familiar with that term.  The wikipedia article has a number of related terms.  The only term I'd heard for hatred of god was Maltheism.


In response to your question, no, I didn't lose faith because of a misfortune; I just found no evidence for any god's existence after a long time searching.  The more I examined it, the more absurd the idea became.

I'm not sure if this is related to your question, but it seems likely to me that most theists fail to blame god for disasters and misfortunes out of fear of being disrespectful and showing non-loyalty.  I think that they actually believe that god controls both all good and bad events that occur but cannot be blamed for the bad because they fear that this will show disloyalth and He will incur his wrath on them and their loved ones if they do.  In contrast, they can praise, thank and bless Him for all of the good things that happen because this demonstrates their continuing fealty, devotion, and subservience.
Yes that's right, so you have an idea that god can do anything and we should be loyal to god (generally subservient to the church) being all powerful and whatnot. Then to show god is good and to explain evil, a dualistic idea like Satan is created to blame for the bad things that happen to people. However most decent humanistic thinking people ask why an all powerful god would create Satan, I think it shows an irrational error of trying to personify the natural world and the our universe in the image of man. Like suggesting a tornado or a tsunami itself is specifically targeting certain people for some greivance.

I did not lose theism due to beleiving gods to be bad or hating gods.  I just became more rational and thought critically, and evolved into an atheist. 


That being said, Im very antireligious.  I do beleive that religious beleif is harmful, and religious methods, organizations, leaders, and theologies are harmful to humanity and to the planet in general.  That doesn't make me hate gods any more than I hate the Easter Bunny, Santa Clause, or the Borg. None of those exist either.  If there was a god in the model of Yahweh, the Abrahamic god, there would be a lot to hate.  He's a truly obnoxious character.

I imagine some atheists come to atheism from utter disgust with the religious teachings and there "morality." Myself, I see no evidence for a personal god. If I did see evidence I would be a misotheist, and would advocate that man should strive to imprison/kill god. It could very well be impossible, but it'd be far more moral in my opinion then kneeling to a genocidal sadist with racist habits.



-Lack of belief in god

-Disbelief in god

blah blah


I have encountered possibly three "atheists" that hate what people tend to call god. As far as I know, their small and traumatized minds only referred to the Christian gods.


Dare I say they are not true atheists? haha

I would dare if it was accurate, which it is not.


Best as my memory serves me, their reasoning was irrational, illogical, and broken as a Christian/Muslim exposed to refuting material,  yet clings to their delusions.


Along the lines of:

Losing a loved one to a natural disaster (drowned or something brutal), a person sexually assaulted seeing their attacker being released on a technicality and someone who experienced a loved one slowly die in agony from cancer


Therefore, they held the belief that there could not be a god if such things happen.


It took a great deal of diligent effort for me to fully understand how a person can actualize belief/disbelief with only wanting it to be true.


What seems to be the norm is that it does not make sense that a Western atheist type could even hate god. Instead, what we encounter are naive Christians that are incapable of comprehending and accepting reality without a shoddy religion with a god concept to sooth their need for a simplistic belief structure.


A systematic destruction of their religion in terms of irrefutable arguments that show the godthing as nothing more than a character in a book translates into what?


Atheists hate god.



Now, being driven to be fair, I will include that to a limited extent there are some atheists that may use the verbiage of hating god.

They merely need a talking to, leading them to correctly address what they mean.


They HATE the religion

 Leading to the error of attributation of hate to "god"

  They actually mean god concept or character

Once this is analyzed, all of this is still missing what they mean.

It is the people in the religion, who do these things and those not in the religion who do nothing to stop the evil.



Heck, I could play around here and don the hating god notion.

Let me imagine there is this Christian god (okay, there are so many different Christian gods but you get my drift)...

How could I hate god? The Christian god is the absolute of pathetic and clinically insane. It would be like hating a cat for scratching you all to hell, after being tortured by humans (those who make of god concepts in the mind) till neurological damage has it attacking anyone.


Put it out of its misery.

However, anyone using the cat as an excuse to not think or to think badly or claim the primal hissing and screaming is their justification to half-arbitrarily make shit up that harms others in the most wicked ways (even themselves), should be hated or at least treated like a repeat crimimal drug-addict that needs help.







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