Does anyone know of any literature/novels - the classics - that are clearly atheist in scope?

I'll start with W. Somerset Maugham. In his novel 'Of Human Bondage' (completed in 1915, though set in and mostly written at the end of the 19th century) the protagonist, Phillip Carey, after several discussions about god and religion, goes for a walk up a hill and, overlooking a vast valley, realises that god does not exist...

"He was free from degrading fears and free from prejudice. He could go his way without the intolerable dread of hell-fire... He could breathe more freely in a lighter air... Freedom! He was his own master at last. From old habit, unconsciously he thanked god that he no longer believed in him..."

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There is one book with long atheist discussions: 

Atheism In Literature - E. G. Howe

I am hoping to hear of some more.  

atheist heros and heroines; madayln murray ohair
literature but more-so facts from the past and present in my h o




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