Atheism in the Arab and Islamic countries, especially Yemen. An atheist overseas suffers!

I'm from a fanatic Arab Islamic country (Yemen). I am irreligious, secular, unbeliever, naturalist, and humanist. I believe in humanity, equality, human rights, general & personal freedoms for males & females, religious freedom, democracy, opinion freedom, modernity, extra…
I live within a society never possesses such concepts and practices, it neither believes in such things, nor deals with them, or understands them.
It is a society of groups of Islamists, extremists and backward tribes who are also fanatic Muslim and work hand in hand with the Islamists, extremists & fundamentalists. I don’t believe in what they believe in, at the same time, they don’t believe in what I believe in, It is absolutely tough and harsh for me to live within such environment and surrounding “ strangled or throttled life” I don’t like their beliefs and practices. I undergo a lot of tease, abuse and bothering, where I go. My life is a series of suffer, pressure, threat, danger, pain, scare, anxiety, distress, caution, and deprivation of most of essentials even sentimentality. Life here “in Yemen” is “Death in Life”
There is no place for educated or learned or irreligious, and secular people, who believe in what mentioned above. I am a secular, irreligious , a global or a worldwide humanist, anti-racist, anti-apartheid , anti color discrimination and against persecution, but there is no place for me in my society because of my beliefs and operational practices . Life here is a package of constant religious worships; most of the day going to the mosque and returning from the mosque, and hearing throughout the whole daytime to their prier and worship calls, nonsense, Quran verses and inciting against other non-Islamic nations, irreligious and secular people(s) who name them infidels, atheists and the enemy of Allah and Islam; such acts done by large and powerful speakers installed on the top of tall, high, and huge minarets in mosques located a lot near houses. Every thing here “in Yemen” is Islam; talk is must be only about Islam & tribal traditions, and every act or doing must be under the umbrella of Islam. (details are huge and terrified).
I suffer a lot of such things, at the same time, I can not adapt my self to those things, I can not hide my situation all the time, I can’t go to the worship house 5 times a day and be mingled with the people who I don’t like to be mingled with, and do what they do against my will, contentment, and wish. (Terrifying details)
I undergo and face daily troubles, problems, tease, abuse, mistreatment, threat, plots and intrigues. I can not get my rights whatever they are; I always face obstacles and difficulties upon trying to get them. I am always vulnerable to be assaulted verbally “in words” or physically anywhere or wherever I go.
I am always in pain psychologically and sensually, in danger, in fear, under persecution, oppression or repression, in discomfort. I don’t belong to any of those tribes or Islamic groups because; firstly they are out of my convection, and satisfaction. Secondly,I belong to the secret, modern, civilized, educated, cultured, secular and irreligious or atheistic community in the country, which is very little and under persecution, oppression, domination, threat ,and constant danger as they are considered as atheists, infidels, the enemy of Allah (God) ,the enemy of faith, and the enemy of Islam.

I am not able to stay in this environment any more.  (Death in Life)

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I am impressed by your integrity, strength, and perseverance. Although it is frowned upon to speak of atheism openly where I live, atheists don't face the level of adversity you have stated above. I hope you find some comfort here. Thank you for sharing your experiences. I hope you find a more suitable and positive environment soon.
*blink* Frowned upon? Is the western side of Canada more fundamentalist Christian or something? I guess Canada is more about diversity of various religions ... just not the lack thereof?
*nods* Precisely. I have to be careful where I utter the word 'atheist'. I've gotten dirty looks/comments when talking about these things in public...even among peers in university. The comment 'well, you've got to believe in SOMETHING' has come up on more than one occasion. Do keep in mind I live in what's nicknamed the 'Texas of Canada'.
Do keep in mind I live in what's nicknamed the 'Texas of Canada'.

Yeah, I guess. Wow. Even in Texas, the cities are much more liberal. I'd expect better than that, in a university. There are atheists running around all over the place, down here, and I'm technically in the freaking Bible Belt.
I hope you can escape this situation to freer nation. Do you have the ability to leave (financially, etc)? I understand it will be difficult to leave your family and homeland behind, but safety is important. My thoughts are with you.
Please seek asylum with a free-er country.. I am worrying for you
Yes, I hope Raghad can do that.
I know exactly how you feel, my world is so similar to yours . I hope you will be able to leave that place one day and live your own life by your own principles just as free as the soothing wind .
muhab samer, Im glad you found this site. Have you joined the discussion groups for Arab atheists and Atheists who were muslims? If you need links to those please ask, I will provide them. It will help to discuss with others who walk in the same shoes as you do.

No western experience can compare in severity to yours in Yemen. I think the only answer for you is to find a way to emigrate. Millions of people do, and change will not come in Yemen soon. The situation is too severe to stay if you can leave.

Meanwhile, finding people on line will help you feel less alone.

How did you become atheist in a sea of believers? Amazing!
thanks Daneel,
In deed , I am trying to get a visa to any free country, I will do my best to settle down there, because , I cant explain my situation clearly while I’m in Yemen. I ll try to get a tourist visa to any European country, then I’ll seek help there and explain my status, I will seek their humanity to grant me a permanent stay. Replying to your wondering, how i am an atheist inside a sea of believers!! I agree with you. I am not the only atheist there is a big number of atheists here, but they don't show themselves, second, the nonsense, illogic, and irrational things in Islam have made me irreligious, or unbeliever. There is no free reason in Islam, mind can't work independently or freely at all, that is ban or against Allah "God". Mind must work only through or within the religion’s text, if Mind try to work normally according to its nature Muslims prevent it from doing that ,and force it to work only through Quran and Mohamad's sayings. Everyword in Quran and Mohamad's sayings are irrational and against Reason at the same time are full of contradictions, any body can disclose that, but they can't say frankly because of the islamic deadly powers , tyranny, domination and control. When I was a child, they used to teach me quran in pre-primary schools, (primitive, dirty ,old or neglected and deserted mosques dedicated to teaching only quran by force and violence, if a boy disobey to learn quran and not memorize it fully, he is beaten strongly by the quran's terrifying instructor, in the meanwhile I used not to accept that case psychologically and rationally, while learning and memorizing Quran by force and under beating , I used to pretend of learning, while reading and learning quran , my mind tells me that is lies, lies, lies, lies, nonsense, nonsense, unreasonable, unreasonable, irrational, irrational, against nature, against nature, and so on , I am an atheist sence birth , since the early childhood and awareness, I never believed in Allah or Mohammad or quran, i never went to mosques , I got a lot of parental and society punishment , but i never could accept religion.
Yeah, that sounds like Christianity, up until 200 or 300 years ago. Honestly, it probably hasn't even been that long.

One of my favorite quotes from Martin Luther is "Faith must trample under foot all reason, sense, and understanding." If they could, Christianity would have us back in the dark ages.

Europe just had the advantage of becoming more secular earlier on, due to the political abuses of the Catholic church. Honestly, it probably wasn't for any secular, rational reasons, just that the monarchs of Europe grew weary of having the Pope come in and interfere with the rule of their countries. Islam can't become more moderate until it stops having theocracies in which to hide.
Muhab Sameer,
It is so frustrating that in the modern era, with science, education, communication technology, that people continue to force religion on others. You have my greatest respect. I gave up religion too, but it was much easier for me than for you because there were places for me to go and people who I know who were nonreligious. Ironically, part of that occurred when I was in Turkey, which is MUslim but a little more free than Yemen.

Be careful, the forces of Islam have no mercy. But you already know that.




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