"Atheism is a religion for people who worship themselves instead of God."

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I was just looking at the very same page yesterday! Kinda stupid if you ask me…
I seriously doubt it's a serious website. I just saw a pedo bear on the main page haha.

I actually laughed since I kinda look like the guy in that second pic.

Though I found one site that goes along a similar path but isnt joking, at least I think they aren't:


They don't bother to debunk some claims which are made and their reasons for choosing atheism are cynical.
Apperantly some people here need a lesson in what "sarcasm", "satire", and "internet culture" are.
Indeed. The level of naivety really makes me cringe far, far often than it should considering we're supposed to be "enlightened" here. No wonder rudimentary POE's get regular indignant and outraged recycles here like clockwork too.




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