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Disbelief is not a choice

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Ponder the unsaid in

personal secularity is primarily the result of brain function combined with access to knowledge, information, and a social setting allowing disbelief. Given the right conditions, the result will be an individual who does not accept supernatural explanations.

Given the so-called information age, we might imagine that knowledge and information are increasing, and that people accept supernatural explanations less now than, say, twenty years ago. After all, internet access lets you look up all sorts of trivia with ease. But this ignores phenomenon such as entertainment interests taking over mainstream news or religion teaming up with special interests to control government.

Consider the Anti-Science Creationist Movement

They seek nothing less than to turn back the clock of progress by several centuries, abolish the rational, reality-based view of the world, and return to the superstitious mindset in which blind faith is the answer to every problem. And, again, these are the people who've completely captured one of America's two major parties. [all emphasis mine]

US mass media push superstition to the extent that we're inundated. I watch idiotic claptrap like Warehouse 13 and Fringe for lack of rational entertainment. Much of this "supernatural" entertainment supports religious belief. To say that we live in a "social setting allowing disbelief" is far too simple and superficial.



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