Atheism is not a ground for Asylum in Germany even if you came from Syria

Yesterday I got a post from the German BAMF saying that I don't fulfill the criteria for religious persecution. 

It was a shock for me because the only reason I did not get killed in Syria is because I kept a low profile.

there is a Radical Muslim Group security checkpoint at every road that is is not under the government control.and I wrote hundred of Articles on the internet under Alias names if anyone knew my real identity I would be dead.

I can not even say I'm an Atheist in Germany because many of the refugees are radical Muslims ( yes they got Asylum)  and you might get stabbed at night.

now I have to find a lawyer and pay him 1000€ which I don't have.


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How abt setting up a Go Fund Me?

like i toldya Katze, contact pro bono lawyers to the insult of being turned down you have good cause for being bitter and incredulous

I searched most of them and non of them have any experince in refugee laws this is my fund me campaign 




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