There are some great television shows that have been on TV or that are currently on TV. Some of those shows are educational while other shows are more entertainment. What are your favorite shows that deal with atheism or have atheist characters? Why do you enjoy those shows?

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Bones & House. They also have theistic counterparts and this may 'soften' the dialog for the theistic, frankly. I think that it is great that the smartest people in forensic fields are depicted as atheists - as they should be.

Bones is better because all of the scientists are atheists - and, while they are 'socially awkward' - we are led to like them over time and see them as 'forces for good.'

Interestingly, television seems to be the easiest medium to offer 'controversial' stances without making a big deal out of it. For example, 'My Name is Earl' has a racially mixed couple and there is no highlight of this as anything out of the ordinary. However, when Hollywood makes a movie that has a mixed couple, they still sell it as a 'big deal.'
I'm a big House fan and have only recently caught a few episodes of Bones. I do like that show, but it is not on my regular show rotation yet.
House is an interesting take - he is a curmudgeon and definitely an atheist. I think the general approach is to take people from the stereotype to the 3D character.

There was an episode though, where Foreman was dying, and he started to pray that really pissed me off. I've been there. It was actually when I fully realized I was atheist to the core - though raised Catholic.
I live very near the fictitious Princeton/Plainsboro hospital Princeton and Plainsboro do sort of overlap.

While NJ is dense - the idea that there are impossible to diagnose diseases cropping up once a week ....

But hey, its TV.
Interesting. My family is from mostly Westfield and Watchung Heights; I grew up in Martinsville. NJ is definitely dense, was just there a year ago, available land space is becoming hard to find.

Well, can't say that for the whole state, haven't been south to my Great Uncle's home in Blairstown since he died.

Have to laugh at House, what little bits I've seen. Seems like a well developed character personality.
The acting - especially Hugh (House) is amazingly good. It's TV. Better than most.
It's difficult to just vegetate in front of the television, never can watch a complete show ...

Well, unless it's American or European football. Then I'm entertained.
Bones is great and the characters are pretty unique. Her exchanges with Booth on religion are great because it always winds up with Booth shutting his mind - very typical of the theist.
I love Angela's life view [insert a drooling Homer Simpson here]; if she's got religion I'll join that one.

Man was that a good series.

I love the quote "You're welcome on my ship preacher, but got ain't"
I love the online show, Mr. Deity. It is short 5 or 10 minute episodes that are hilarious.
Here is a link to a recent blog post of mine where I put up a few episodes, and links to the website....I've never met a non-theist who didn't love it :-)
I don't watch television, but I catch every episode of Mr. Deity I can find online. BTW...Brian Dalton is here on AN.
Lets not forget about Family Guy and The Simpsons. I like House myself, will take the advice of the thread and watch the other recommended shows now. If anyone saw The Simpsons and Ned Flanders go to the Museum of natural history, Among the exhibits is one devoted to “indisputable” evidence for evolution and another entitled “The myth of creation” (which is presented in a mocking way typical of how the program has been recently portraying religion; in fact, “What a fool believes” sung by the Doobie Brothers was playing in the background as the creation exhibit was on the screen). Priceless!




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