There are some great television shows that have been on TV or that are currently on TV. Some of those shows are educational while other shows are more entertainment. What are your favorite shows that deal with atheism or have atheist characters? Why do you enjoy those shows?

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The Simpson's whole take on religion is hilarious. Rev. Lovejoy and Ned Flanders (and his brain dead kids) are great parodies. Homer's imaginary visits with God crack me up, as did his adventures as a missionary.
My daughter and I love to quote the Family Guy - they always call the Bible 'that storybook Jesus was in.' So now, that's what we call it.
And as far as we are talking about animation...South Park is a great skeptical show as well!
I'm a little surprised no one mentioned the Stargate series.
Or even more obvious - the entire Star Trek franchise. SF is often going to, at the very least, elide religion - or parody it.
i have always enjoyed the fact that one of the biggest us tv shows ever (star trek) depicts an ideal communist society where money is no longer needed and humanity has moved beyond the need for a religious system (ignoring DS9 for both points).
Two of the character leads in the NBC Community sitcom are atheists, well the lead is technically a self-identified agnostic.

Main characters

Jeff Winger (Joel McHale)

Jeff is a snarky, glib lawyer attending Greendale Community College. He was a lawyer until the Colorado Bar Association found out that he did not get a bachelor's degree from Columbia University but, in fact, got one that was "less than legitimate" from the country of Colombia. Jeff returns to college by attending Greendale Community College as a "deal" with the bar in order to prevent him from being disbarred. He was born in Denver, Colorado, and favorite kind of pizza is four cheese. Jeff is attracted to fellow student Britta and constantly hits on her, despite her shooting him down constantly.
The Agnostic

Britta Perry (Gillian Jacobs)

Britta is a twenty-something woman attending Greendale after a somewhat aimless, varied career life. She dropped out of high school and joined the Peace Corps, trying to make a difference until she realized she was flat broke. She then got her G.E.D and enrolled in Greendale. She is often the voice of reason within the group. Although has unceasingly displayed a lack of romantic interest in Jeff, one episode shows she may have recently discovered secret feelings for him.
The Atheist

They revealed themselves in the Christmas episode. I have to admit a fondness for the series because Chevy Chase is a mainstay in it.
I enjoy Community but to be fair the subject of religious belief has had little mention. The Christmas episode is the only episode I can think of in which it was touched upon and the inclusion of atheists in a group including adherents of every other major religion was seemingly only to play the politically correct card and did nothing to promote any particular idea other than the fact that Christians own the winter solstice in the USA.
I enjoy Community but to be fair the subject of religious belief has had little mention.

Oh I don't disagree, however I didn't think that was a requirement of the topic at hand. I enjoy the fact that the romantic leads as written are both atheists, it was a nice touch. Throw it out there and move on, the leads are both like-able characters and could help raise the public perception of atheists in general in the US. The writers probably know that being critical of religion will lower the shows general appeal. Even if its just a bone to the audience at large, I enjoyed the matter of fact reveal aspect of it.
One of my earliest tv related memories was an early episode of the Sci-Fi series Babylon 5, in it all the major races are giving demonstrations on their worlds dominant belief system, Humans/Earth have their turn at the end of the episode and the station commander introduces a man as an atheist and then the camera pans out and he leads the amabassadors a long group of people comprising every belief on earth, I always liked that moment and especially the implication of the atheist being first.
Does anyone else get the impression that Dexter Morgan is an atheist?
I get that impression too.



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