"Atheism" vs. "Anti-theism" & marginalization of atheists

I wrote about a case of atheists being marginalized on the internet to day in my blog. I had heard that atheists were more prejudiced against than other groups, but I didn't realize to what degree until a recent experience that I describe on my blog post.

I've been involved in many online atheist communities and know many atheists, but most of them, in my experience, are not anti-theists. I think that is the assumption in this case - that atheists are anti-theists - against religion. Does anyone have any experiences about being marginalized that they'd like to share?

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Well I've been in my fair share of online communities, and it seems that those Anti-Theist are being marked as all atheist are anti theism, and some of these people tend to be very arrogant and off base with their beliefs which are getting lumped on us as a hole. My Best example would be like saying Fred Phelps speaks for all of Christianity is like these anti-theist speaking for atheist at large.

Although I think atheist can be broken down into 3 basic groups. Those who are apathetic about religion and stand apart. Those who don't believe and those "radical group" Who are against all those who do believe and feel that religion should be abolished. (and yes I understand there are gray area's between all these groups and those who are more or less strong in their beliefs)

So maybe instead of being marginalized I think my experience is going after someone who is incorrectly identifying them selves and making atheist look like idiots. Although I know my Belief has matured a lot over the summer I used to have that mind set that all religion no matter what was bad and must be abolished and now have come to a more harmonic level wishing that some of the extremism would calm down on both sides...

I live most of my year in a international college on the campus and there is so much culture etc and I'd hate to think anyone would feel need to start abolishing/banning cultures just because they believe in different things. I feel it's just as walking into someone's household and telling how they should clean house lol.
I'm glad you shared this. If we want tolerance, we need to be tolerant, IMO. That's part of the reason I'm UU.
Exactly, and I think that is one thing we as a community need to do, we need to reach out to those who associate them selves with atheist and give them the opportunity help them educate them selves and at least properly identify them selves.

The problem for me that took me so long to help me find a center and guide my belief is the fact that until recently I had no where to go to find like minded people, it was because of an article I found about brights that guided me to this website. Up tell then I found either militant atheist sites or very anti social ones lol.

I know the best we can do is push them in right direction and if they are willing and not stubborn maybe they'll learn and we'll have a little less ignorance out there for out side :)

This is same battle I know many christian leaders fight, and I find it funny we got to groups of leaders and well learned folks on either side trying to combat idiots that are making them look bad lol.

UU? Universal Unitarian or what is that sorry new abbreviation for me.
>either militant atheist sites or very anti social ones

Sorry to hear you didn't find Positive Atheism or some other good sites. Unitarian Universalism has always welcomed atheists, agnostics, freethinkers, skeptics, questioners, etc. It's too bad we have such a problem getting the word out, but we often call our groups a "church" which is a turn-off for many. Also, many UUs, like other people, have trouble living by our principles and we are sometimes judged by the actions of a few. My original post links to my blog, which links to additional information (& a debate among UUs).

BTW, there is a UU Group on this site, though it's not very active.
Well I understand why Church is a huge turn off as it is the "church" In general that drives people to being one of the many varieties of freethinkers

I will defiantly check out the website, I live on a relatively religious campus and can use support when it gets over bearing at times.
Where are you? Kansas? What campus are you on? Here is a link for UU congregations in Kansas: http://uua.org/aboutus/findcongregation/results.php?state=KS&go...

Sometimes we have on-campus ministries, but not very often.
Yeah I go to emporia state university in emporia kansas, and there isn't much in this town. I know to date we don't even have any variety of free thinking club on campus

I also don't have any vehicular transportation so I can't even travel to stuff in Topeka or Wichita kinda stuck here lol.
It turns out there's a new fellowship:
Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Of Emporia
325 Merchant St, Emporia, KS 66801-4056
p: (620) 343 1583

You could ask them if they have anyone on campus or going from campus to their fellowship & that you're interested. Doesn't hurt to try.
Oh very cool, If i manage to have the time I'll have to check that out. :D




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