Atheist acknowledgemet petition reaches blistering 39 signatures.

My petition on the White House petition site to acknowledge those of unbelief as deserving of equal treatment in Am... has reached a blistering thirty-nine signatures.

I need someone to post it to Twitter. (I have no account there.) It needs 150 before it becomes visible on the Website, and 25,000 by January 10 before the Administration will acknowledge it.

I have had religious friends post it to their Facebook walls (I have no Facebook account either), but no atheists. Most of the signatures come from high-IQ societies.

Come on, sign it and pass it along. You know you want to. - James.

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40 and shared on FB!!

Kewl! Thanks.

One person from Intertel (a high IQ group) bristled at the term "nones" in the petition.

I don't particularly care for it either (I prefer "don't cares"), however, since the popular press has picked up on that term, I included it in the petition.

When the petition reaches 150 signatures, it becomes visible in the "new petitions" list and is searchable on the White House site. If it reaches 25,000 before January 10, President Obama promises to address petitions with that many signatures.

(Another reason to sign it: it will bump down all the secession petitions.)


First, I dashed off to your petition site and signed it.

Second, that visit's being my first, I signed a few more petitions.

Third, I wrote a petition for a national initiative and referendum amendment to the US Constitution. It's at so I hope you will click to go there and sign it. Key words: citizen sovereignty.

PS. Those secession petitions gave me a chuckle. Did you see the cartoon suggesting a petition that we expel Texas?


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