Atheist alert: You're not gonna believe what the religious fascists are trying to do right now in Florida via 

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eric – you’re not going to believe this. Republicans in the Florida state legislature are trying to pass a bill that would criminalize a woman’s right to choose and make abortion punishable by 30 years in prison! I am appalled and disgusted.

Roe v. Wade guarantees a woman’s legal right to an abortion. They shouldn’t have to ask for permission from a politician to not go through with a pregnancy.

Add your name to condemn the Florida GOP’s backwards legislation.

The right to choose is a medical decision – and the only other person a woman should consult is her doctor. The Republicans in Tallahassee have no right – constitutional or otherwise – to interfere with a woman’s right to make her own health care decisions. Period.

This bill will put the lives and livelihoods of Florida women and children in danger, and we cannot allow the Florida GOP to get away with it.

Click here to join me in condemning this repulsive piece of legislation.



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This is why we must monitor continually what the religious fascist pols are up to in all 50 states.

After signing this myself, I emailed Right Wing Watch to alert them to this matter, as I did not see any mention of it in their recent articles.

Thank you for posting this!

I signed but stopped short on the money issue.

Women should have control of their own bodies. People that do not think so are insane!

Keep in mind that such efforts are strategic more than they are tactical.

Republicans everywhere want to pile issues they can take to the four-and-a-half conservatives on the US Supreme Court.

Kennedy's voting with the conservatives will reverse Roe v. Wade and abortion battles will be fought in the courts of fifty states.

Tactically, the social conservatives have been losing. Their long-term strategy is to win in as many states as they can.

Good point, Tom. Stirring up anti-government sentiment is an easy and effective way to further both their short-term and long-term goals while masking the fact that their long game is a long con. They get their 50-state battles and we get more Malheur madness under the guise of protecting the constitution because freedom.





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