Atheist and freethought brochures were distributed at 11 Orange County high schools on Thursday without major problems

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I was thinking along the same lines.  The only thing that gets the ok for me is that this action was a reaction to an earlier breach of etiquette .  I would not like to see this done on a regular basis.

which way? ; )

From the article, "The distribution was a reaction to a Bible giveaway by the World Changers of Florida, Inc., at the same 11 schools in January."

This does appear to be tit for tat. No way they're going to get in trouble as it's a clear response to earlier distributions.

I think what bothers me is that this does not solve the problem. I'd feel better if there were no distributions, either religious or atheistic. Having said that, I suppose it might help the situation that the atheist viewpoint is available to the kids. I'm just not sure I want a torrent of religious brochures being thrown around in the school as a response. It just might drown out the atheist voice and minimize any potential impact.

On the other hand, religion has been given a pretty free hand over the years to do what it wants. Maybe something like this is needed to make the point with people. The possible stink created may convince them as to the downside of using our schools as an extension of the church.

We're not given any background material in the article so there's no way to know why this distribution was made available. There may be legitimate reasons.

I guess we'll just have to see which way the wind blows on this one.

ha.. the wind? the generations under 'mass media' no pun.. outlets people.. outlets...

"downside of using our schools as an extension of the church." ha!

.. i remember when parents had money to send their kids to private schools.. (for many a reason; sometimes protection racket; rich ass parents)
so now there's less money? and they want to force the faith bigot hand at 'public' school.. c'mon.. that's lame. live!

i have a bunch of opinions.. indiglo watches are good for nightime...
science rocks any holy book hands down. peace

Any information as to what the brochures actually said??

Their wording?  Claims?? What they might have advocated??

THAT would be the determining factor to whether or not distribution would/should be allowed.

Not enough information here.

ha. i hear in a state or two .. there's legis. or law stating in 'that' state you are banned from offering any non xtian brochures.. i.e. freethought etc..

Actually there's a light on the mountain... it's called freethought.

You do recall, in the early days of the American colonies (I am really just familiar with Virginia) that the Church of England was the state church and you were required to attend it and no other.  My ancestor held Presbyterian meetings in his home and was arrested.  He was not held for very long as he was the most influential man in the county at that time.  Of course today I would be proud for them to be non theists but maybe someday.




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