What's your favorite 'atheist' song? (Mine is John Mayer's 'Belief'.)
...Or at least one you interpret as atheist in nature... 

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I can't help but notice all the nominees here, worthy tho they be, are original contemporary songs rather than anthems as such. For those, you have to go back to the old-time hymns and tweak 'em a bit. Here's one of the best loved. You know how it goes.

Come offend the slaves of Jesus
Lies and myths I cannot bear
What an imbecile to carry
Everything to god in prayer

Oh what lives we often forfeit
In the land and sea and air
Tsunami, earthquake, flood endorse it
Fire and drought but god's not there

Have we trials and temptations?
Is there trouble anywhere?
International relations
Augur nothing but despair

Oh what peace we often forfeit
Simply coz we don't prepare
War and famine underscore it
Here and there and everywhere

Are we weak and heavy-laden
Cumbered with a load of care?
Bet your ass, mother and maiden
Don't be taken unaware

Does your god despise, forsake thee
When children are no longer there?
Nature's power will overtake thee
Run like hell, don't kneel in prayer

Did you write this "tweak on an old hymn" (I prefer "Him")?  Love it!  The last line gave me a chuckle, and that's hard to do, since my only adult child is no longer here and I'm on my way out.  Can you record it in mp3?  Put it out for sale on Amazon?  I wonder how many besides me would pay a dollar to listen to this.  I called it "Atheists Love the Little Children" on my list of atheist songs.

I am not certain the song is an atheist anthem, but it sounds like it. try out the new Slash song "You're A Lie".

Thanks for the songs.  I downloaded a lot of these and made up an atheist song list.  Here are a few more:

Stanley Huang's "Atheist Like Me" has a nice melody.

For many years I've never liked rap until I listened to Baba Brinkmans Rap Guide to Evolution and great songs like "Natural Selection".  With those lyrics the attraction of Rap finally made sense to me.

I also like Shelly Segal's "Saved" also.

XTC's DEAR GOD has got to be number 1. That is an anthem! Catchy and angry and kicks god's ass twenty ways this side of Sunday. It should be covered 100 times. Atheist musicians, get cracking!


Close second is Imagine but done by A Perfect Circle. http://youtu.be/Ktv2C9vnRKU

Lennon's Imagine is hopeful and optimistic. Twenty years later, APC shows he had nothing to be all that hopeful about.

The human race has become more fanatically religious while simultaneously becoming ever more efficient at killing. Thank you neo-cons and jihadists. Holy cow you two crazy kids have more in common than you know. When al this is over you two should get an apartment together, share a few fribbles and bang out a few kids. We’ll all be dead, but what the hell… you had fun while it lasted.


Hate to leave Slayer out of this so here goes .... Reign In Bloooooooooddddddd!!!!!!

After downloading most of the atheist anthems suggested here, I had an evil thought - why not make up one of my own.  I have a keyboard that allows me to sequence all the parts and even put the vocals through it.  So that is what I did today.

It is called "Am I a Believer" and it starts out slow and picks up a bit.  It may sound a bit rough, I'm not a vocalist and it is a first version - but what the hell!

The song is on my playlist - so if you click on my page it should show and be available.

A while ago I had already uploaded another song of mine with more work - a real singer and more instruments. So now I've added an atheist song.

Am I a Believer


cause and effect, effect and cause

haven't got the answers don't even pause


make a connection, make a link

work it all out faster than a blink


The older the idea, the less it can be tested

 if it came from a cave man, it can't be bested


But Wait


Am I a believer or  a self-deceiver


Knowledge is tough, but there’s a way

The scientific method has no feet of clay

Just Look around


We all have morality but the bible didn’t set it

Evolution has spoken but some of us don’t get it


Your religion is fine as long as it can live

With those that reject the conclusions you give


Don’t try to tell me that


I'm a believer or a self deceiver.

No response to the attempt of one group discussion member trying to pen an atheist song - I changed a couple of words and added more instruments - maybe its still junk - but I can't ask most people in my neighborhood their opinion if it got any better. You are the only group of people that won't recoil from the idea of an atheist song. 

It is at the link below and this is my last try: 


Thanks to anyone who listens - and don't worry I'm not going to quit my day job.

Not an atheist anthem, but a song about the late Madalyn Murray O'Hair ...


"Disbelief" by Leslie Fish http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c6DNk68J5RE

A song about faith or it's lack and the devil in present day Phoenix, AZ.

"I disbelieve you,
I disbelieve you,
I disbelieve you - YOU'RE NOT REAL"

It works for the devil or god or any other supernatural being. Realizing that they/it aren't real frees one from their power - boils down to fear.
Here's a Randy Newman song done by the divine Etta James


One of my favorite bands, Firewater, has a few good atheist songs. Most are a bit too subtle to be anthems, but songs like "Knock 'em Down" are pretty clear. That one's probably more anti-theist than just atheist.

I like Just A Beaver.




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