Please vote to keep this article about the Atheist Billboard on CNN. The theists are flagging as inappropriate in order to censor it:



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Too late, already blocked.

Not to worry. Blocking the news story still doesn't block the event. I remember when they passed Civil Unions for same-sex couples here in Illinois. In the building where I work, the stand of a free Liberal leaning newspaper that heralded the news on it's front cover kept getting emptied by (as I later found out) a fundamentalist Xian who worked on my floor. I thought it was rather silly, because the Xian's futile effort had absolutely no effect on what had taken place, nor did it keep anyone from discovering the news.

All I got was a semi-darkened page stating it was flagged as inappropriate.  Hmmmm, let me think.  Wonder who would do that?  Any way, it asked if I wanted to proceed, and I clicked "yes" and got the article.  Not sure if it was voting or not, but on the off chance that it is, I opened it about 5 times and clicked "yes" 5 times


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