Atheist billboard in NYC for dahaulidaze whoa! Tons of search results, congrats!

Nice! O'Hare would be proud.

I think the tree rusty leaf tree in the foreground sets it off!

Touchdown and fieldgold!

Basketball, 3 pointer.



ps, bing wins?

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Wow, after reading 2 pages of comments to that article, I really want to head desk. >.< But kudo's for the billboard none the less.
The billboard is pretty funny. "You KNOW it's a myth" makes me think of the Onion or something.
Love it! I also get a kick out of some people getting offended by the billboard, but in the same comment saying that "God will judge them in the end." I agree Leon, major facepalm on some of the responses.
T-rex and johndope's comments are hilarious in their righteous indignation - replying to them is, however, a wasted effort. It would be like discussing ethics with a pig - it's a waste of time and it pisses off the pig.




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