i'm curious as to what the A/N community thinks about this form of advertising. 

personally, i like it.  no doubt, they tend to incite controversy, and many people misunderstand the intent and message.  still, even bad publicity is better than none at all.  take this for example:


in Harrisburg, PA this billboard went up just the other day to the utter outrage of local, African Americans in the community.  it quotes the Bible (with the source underneath), saying "Slaves, Obey your Master."  of course, the angry mob directs their ire in the wrong direction, totally missing that it is their Holy Book whose message is being repeated.  naturally, the billboard was vandalized and partially torn down on it's first night. 

similar controversies have arisen in Colorado, Texas, Minnesota, and most recently New York City.  the timing is ideal, as the upswing in Atheist converts is breathtaking.  strike while the iron is hot, as they say.  question is, are the billboards actually garnering converts or just stirring up hatred towards Atheists?  if it is the latter, should we still be in favor of this tactic? 

what say you?

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Ps - if you ever see a post from me where my sentences start with a capital letter, it's because I'm typing on my phone. I'm also more prone to typos and Autocorrect. Oh, and I prefer not to capitalize 'i' as well.

Nerd ... yer material needs WORK! [grin!]

I don't know about the others in this string, but I have become an ardent anti-capitalist, not because I do not believe in capitalism but because capitalism has been hijacked by people who believe they have the right to goods and services of others without compensating them for their time and effort.
I am anti-capitalist because some use unethical and immoral procedures to cheat not only workers out of their due earnings, but because they cheat and expect working people to pick up the bills the banks, financials, military-industrial complex have stolen from  our resources of people, raw materials, time and money and have enslaved third world countries without a sense of shame. 
I am anti-capitalist because some have gutted the protections put in place to prevent greed and corruption from taking over.
I am anti-capitalist because Holder does not see anything wrong with murdering USA citizens without being charged, without a trial, and without presenting defense. This is the most serious of crimes because not only Holder, but Obama, Democrats and Republicans have caved on this issue.  

OK, I will get an earful from those who disagree with me. Let the insults rip, I've heard it all before.

Joan?!?  Matt was talking about not using upper case ... and The Nerd quite aptly suspected he was an anti-capital-ist ... or maybe just bare headed ... NO CAPS ... okay?

Hell, I'm thick as a brick sometimes, and *I* got that one! [grin!]

LOL  Love it, Nerd.  Now that's MY kind of comedy!

"There's been some really good dialogue here, and is prefer this thread not get hijacked by 2 people quarreling." ~ matthew greenberg

I agree, which is why I made the same request instead of responding "in kind".

"Thanks in advance to you both." ~ matthew greenberg

Sure, no problem! let's try this again then, shall we? 

"white people can oppress black people at the same time."

The Nerd

How is that billboard oppressing black people? 

Do you think that all calendars with pictures of nude women in them are oppressive to all women? After all, it can be shown that nude pictures of women have been used to objectify, so thus denigrate them.

Does this make it a default?

(not a hijack, the analogy is valid)

Ernest is sort of an angry atheist because he was a reverend or minister in a church and is repenting for all the damage he did to the delusionals. He wants to yell out to the world how stupid religion is.

Joan, I believe capitalism works - to a point. It may have a shelf life. It has a way of creating wealth extremes, much like there are extremes in people's mental faculties. It's a very Darwinian business environment. Which is great for businesses. Not so great when it permeates society. Which eventually it always will. It is our responsibility to check ourselves before we wreck ourselves. I think its starting to happen. I certainly hope so.
Holy crap, I missed that too. Good one Nerd.

I stand by my now completely off topic capitalism rant.

Can we get back to the topic?

…just asking', …politely even.

 Matthew, that I don't agree with a persons arguments/claims/reasoning, is not "bickering", it's just "not agreeing". I asked an honest question to an unsubstantiated counter argument to my post. This is dialog, no? 

"white people can oppress black people at the same time."

The Nerd

How does this billboard "oppress" anybody (even Christians)?

Further, the assumption that American Atheists is in any way shape or form a "white people" organization, is not only specious, …but borderline racism itself.

Good point. Damn I'm being wishy washy. I guess Nerd should answer your question.

How about the comments left under the article.  My favorite was "Atheism is also a religion.It takes faith to believe there is no God."  Wow......  The ignorance about atheism is so widespread.  I just don't think that displaying billboards that will obviously be offensive where the main point is completely overlooked does our cause any good.  I get the message but the American Atheists must have known that putting a black slave on a billboard would get more attention than the message.  If they did not see that one coming that concerns me.  Combating "the year of the bible" will not be easy but I don't believe this is the correct way. What is the correct way?  I dont really know, but the reason rally will not be so offensive to crazy xtians.  Xtians are not rational people so to antagonize them with these type of billboards only works against us.  I bet it made a bunch of lazy xtians go back to church.  


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