i'm curious as to what the A/N community thinks about this form of advertising. 

personally, i like it.  no doubt, they tend to incite controversy, and many people misunderstand the intent and message.  still, even bad publicity is better than none at all.  take this for example:


in Harrisburg, PA this billboard went up just the other day to the utter outrage of local, African Americans in the community.  it quotes the Bible (with the source underneath), saying "Slaves, Obey your Master."  of course, the angry mob directs their ire in the wrong direction, totally missing that it is their Holy Book whose message is being repeated.  naturally, the billboard was vandalized and partially torn down on it's first night. 

similar controversies have arisen in Colorado, Texas, Minnesota, and most recently New York City.  the timing is ideal, as the upswing in Atheist converts is breathtaking.  strike while the iron is hot, as they say.  question is, are the billboards actually garnering converts or just stirring up hatred towards Atheists?  if it is the latter, should we still be in favor of this tactic? 

what say you?

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It's aggressive, I'll grant you that (a shame, there was no picture), but let's be real.  This is what the bible says, and if those who espouse the bible don't like it, they can be bothered to READ the damned thing a bit better than they have to date!

google it.  it's easy to find.  i tried to cut and paste here but i'm not that savvy aparantly.

respectfully, i must disagree with your take.  it's akin to shooting the messenger.  the American Atheists are not advocating slavery, the Bible is.  it's not their fault that people are blinded by their faith.  they probably doubt the authenticity of the verse.  or they have willingly chosen to ignore that part.  either way, their anger is misguided by ignorance. 

i'm guessing that was included for shock value.  sometimes words don't get read, but a picture says a thousand words.  unfortunately, the message was lost due to the visceral reaction to the image.  understandable, i suppose.

thanks for the update. 

The Nerd, excellent article and I hope you post it on its own. 

These discussions have left me with a question:

1. KKK put a burning cross or a noose on the property of a black person;

2. Atheist wears a costume of a Muslim. 

Both are freedom of speech, right? There are laws against putting nooses and crosses on property of blacks because they are ruled to be hate crimes. 

A copy of a photograph of a black in chains is a photo telling what happened, right? Is that a hate crime? 

I hadn't thought of "widdle feewings" hurt. That is why sharing ideas is so valuable. That said, is there a way to get the awful reality through to everybody, even children, that our history is full of dreadful stories of injustice, cruelty, and suffering.? I am remembering my boy at the boy's ranch who was so angry and how hard his mother and father tried to protect him from USA's history. The boy was killed robbing a store. I still cry when I remember him. 

thanks for that Pat. 

based on comments on various news sites, it seems as though the more rational crowd "gets it".  both believers and non-believers.  still a lot of vitriol and ignorance, but less than i was expecting. 

Yes, Matthew, some are "getting it". But what about all those people, dressed so nicely, looking so prim and proper, articulating just pure nonsense! And look who are running on the Republican ticket! Shame on USA. To have raised up numbers of such outrageous values. Have we forgotten the Revolution, Constitution, Bill of Rights, Civil War, and then resort to wars of empirical conquest. USA is becoming that which we hate. 

This is what happened! It is not an opinion! We could put up hundreds of such photos and still not tell the horrid story of slavery as practiced by christians in USA. 

Oooo, that's right, Pennsylvania lawmakers declared 2012 to be the "Year of the Bible."  Gee, whiz!

Y'all suppose next year will be the year of the quran? Gotta be fair, ya know!

the head of American Atheists in Harrisburg had a one on one with a state lawmaker about the year of the Bible, and asked if next year could be the "year of the atheist".  his request was denied.  go figure. 


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