i'm curious as to what the A/N community thinks about this form of advertising. 

personally, i like it.  no doubt, they tend to incite controversy, and many people misunderstand the intent and message.  still, even bad publicity is better than none at all.  take this for example:


in Harrisburg, PA this billboard went up just the other day to the utter outrage of local, African Americans in the community.  it quotes the Bible (with the source underneath), saying "Slaves, Obey your Master."  of course, the angry mob directs their ire in the wrong direction, totally missing that it is their Holy Book whose message is being repeated.  naturally, the billboard was vandalized and partially torn down on it's first night. 

similar controversies have arisen in Colorado, Texas, Minnesota, and most recently New York City.  the timing is ideal, as the upswing in Atheist converts is breathtaking.  strike while the iron is hot, as they say.  question is, are the billboards actually garnering converts or just stirring up hatred towards Atheists?  if it is the latter, should we still be in favor of this tactic? 

what say you?

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