I have a cousin that is a hard core Baptist.  I replied to a comment of hers on Facebook and sparked a challenge.  She was reading a book called 'Crazy Love' by Francis Chan and I told her that I would read it if she reads 'The Science of Good and Evil' by Shermer. 

We are going to start meeting once a week to talk about each chapter.  We've already discussed the first chapter, and I want to be VERY critical without offending her.  For christ sakes, Chan says in the very first chapter that coral are PLANTS.  Ugh.

Anyway, has anyone read Crazy Love or have suggestions for the tact I should take when discussing this with her each week?  I'm going to do my best not to offend her, but I want to be intillectually honest with her as well...PLEASE HELP!  :)

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I've never read the book and I have no advice, I just wanted to commend you for doing this.
It's all about tone. Just calmly point out the errors without being snide. If she argues with you, just agree to disagree.


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