My wife and I are working on two separate books that require contributions from atheists. We are hoping you can help us with this. For the first project we are requesting a letter and the second project a short essay.
The projects are as follow:


1. Atheists to write a letter to his/her past self before coming out as an atheist. If you could write your past self a letter what would you like yourself to know, that sort of thing. The target length per letter is
750 to 1000 words though all submissions will be reviewed.


2 Atheists to go to a church, synagogue, mosque ect. and simply report on what they observe and what they think about what they observe. You may write about what you like or dislike or even argue about the sermon.


We are looking for a variety of experiences and believe we will find a few patterns once we sort through the letters. The point is to provide literature to comfort the budding atheists out there but also to help
the religious understand us in a more empathetic fashion.


Please submit your letters or observations to atheistletters@gmail.com

Include your name or pseudonym and city.


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This is an interesting project! 


Does it matter what age we write the letter to ourselves as?  A letter to us as a child, a teenager, a young adult?  I've pondered the idea of writing my younger Self a letter of advice (about a different topic) so I find this concept fascinating.  I hope you get some good responses.

It can be anonymous or you can use your name. The age you chose to write to isn't important. Variety is the spice of life.

I would like to partipate, do you want a target Date?
how is the project going?
Not well. I've had very few responses.

I read your bio. Feel free to write your letter to atheistletters@gmail.com
Please, only do so if you're emotionally ready and able to do so.

Thank you




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