I was number 12579 for Canada. What number were you for your country?

They validate this by email so hopefully we atheists, humanists etc.. don't cheat  But if you have more than one email address...

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I don't know what number I was, but I signed this some time back, as a few others here did.

Loren - you are always first off the mark - must have been a low number.

Actually, that was Jessica's post of over three years ago, and sadly she hasn't been around for a while, but it caught my eye back then and I figured, what the heck!

Not sure what it proves, but I was 1580 just now.

1580 for what country?  Just curious about country and numbers enrolled.

the Netherlands

I don't remember signing in before, but they said I had.

Well I'm glad you made this post because this is first I've heard of it. I am brand new here so it probably isn't news to anyone else but thanks for unintentionally notifying me. I will be checking into that now

Never heard of it before. Just signed. Current number for U.S. was 92.455

It will be interesting if we see the next consecutive posting for any country in this discussion.  Does it go up by one from what we have recorded - does it go up by 10 because there is other activity going on ... does it go up by 100 - probably wishful thinking. - but who knows ..

#268,071 for the US

Pat - there must be a glitch because Freethinker31 became #268,071.  From both of your posts I know that each of you aren't half atheists - maybe 1 1/2 each.


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