In one recent discussion, a good lady, Dogly, said this about me:

“It is just that Madhukar seems to be trying to find a common set of beliefs or opinions among us all. I'm trying to convince him that that is impossible.”

Earlier, she had hardly participated in the several discussions posted by me but seems to have observed me from distance, because her observation is accurate.

My reply was obvious:

“I do not, cannot and will not deny that I would be very happy to evolve some commonalities in atheist character,”

I feel most annoyed when an atheist says that ‘atheism is nothing more and nothing less than not believing in god.’ I also find some opposition to me when I say that atheism is an ideal. This may be a result of a fear that calling atheism an ideal will turn it into an ideology, which, indeed, is to be feared! However, there is some difference between an ideal and ideology. To me, atheism is an ideal that every intellectual should try to achieve. Attaining this ideal would be the best proof of an intellectual’s intellectualism. This is supported by the result of a recent discussion that finally seems to have established that atheism is based on knowledge and not on ignorence.

Likewise, I strongly believe that there should be something like an “Atheist Identity” that should distinguish an atheist from the rest of the people, by his character. The religious faithful often try to say that being an atheist is being immoral. Why should anyone try to attach such labels to us? Why should it not be obvious to others that being an atheist gives some good attributes to one’s personality?

Aren’t there enough good qualities that all atheists can posses and that can be attributed to atheism? Whatever be the answer, it will not deter me from finding such a common character.

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Reason Being

You may agree with Joseph and may disagree with me, that is quite understandable, but you seem to have got me completely wrong.

I understand your desire to have a large group of atheists as a political force or something,

I keep as away from politics as much as i kep from religion. I do not want to form any group. The idea that all atheists should have should have some comon character does not even remotely suggest a group.

if you want to be surrounded by like minded people, get involved the two organizations I mention above or others like them

I have just become associated with three atheist organisations besides AN. So I am not hungry for company.

Since you are far away from my concept of this discussion, I am quite unable to relate your comment to my thoughts. As for the definition of atheism, we have just had a discussion on this subject that has varified my thinking and I was found to be right. I am not even discussing that isssue here.

As for the definition of atheism, we have just had a discussion on this subject that has varified my thinking and I was found to be right. I am not even discussing that isssue here.

Where was this?  Can you give us a link?

If you just had a discussion with a bunch of people that confirmed your idea of adding additional baggage to the term atheism, then you had it with a bunch of people who don't know what they're talking about.

I apologize for misunderstanding what you were looking for.  However, I do still feel that the current definition of Atheism is best just left as is.

I'm going to have to agree with John D, Joseph P, Susan, and Reason being. Although I take it is a great point of personal pride to have arrived at atheism, there are plenty of atheists who get there using lesser reasoning, or who are not moral people themselves, or who I just plain don't like and wouldn't want to associate myself with. Atheists come in all kinds, and just as there are good and bad religious people there are good and bad atheists. I think, MK, you are elevating atheism above what it deserves. It does deserve a lot, but it does not separate us from all religious people into a separate category of goodness. There are plenty of other philosophical positions that merit much consideration as criteria for judging our "value" as human beings, some perhaps even more so than atheism. Political perspective is perhaps one good example. I think your focus on atheism itself is unwarranted, and that you could benefit from a deeper philosophical perspective.

Ugh, I didn't know about this guy. Kinda wishing I still didn't. Thanks Joseph! :-P

Yup, assholes who lose their religion/theism don't generally become less of an asshole.

ugh--no idea about that TJ guy---really helps the cause doesn't he?  Asshole.  At least now I have someone to blame the next time a theist asks me how can I be moral and atheist---they get view that guy's stupidity.

Eh, there are plenty of theists who are as bad or worse.

And you find threats of rape to be hilarious?

If someone's a vile human being, I don't care if he's an atheist.  I'm going to express my disapproval of what he says.

The kind of things he said to an admitted rape victim are not funny.  They're not even in the same genre as funny.

Here it is from another angle:


When Lorrdernie replies that he/she is actually a rape victim, TJ goes all-out trying to trigger Lorrdernie:

“Yeah. Well, you deserved it. So, fuck you. I hope it happens again soon. I’m tired of being treated like shit by you mean little cunts and then you using your rape as an excuse. Fuck you. I think we should give the guy who raped you a medal. I hope you fucking drown in rape semen, you ugly, mean-spirited cow. Actually, I don’t believe you were ever raped! What man would be tasteless enough to stick his dick into a human cesspool like you? Nice gif of a turd going into my mouth. Is that kind of like the way that rapists dick went in your pussy? Or did he use your asshole? Or was it both? Maybe you should think about it really hard for the next few hours. Relive it as much as possible. You know? Try to recall: was it my pussy or my ass?” -terroja

Funny how the "freefromthought" blog does not contain any of the posts leading up to TJs rudeness.

Read them again.  It's in both the Pharyngula and Atheist Experience blog posts.  A simple ctrl-F will find it in both.

And no, we can't all get along when someone reveals himself as a vile piece of shit, as TJ has done.

Most feminists aren't against porn, man.


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