Hi everyone- I organize an atheist meetup group in my town and I'm trying to do a blanket and coat donation for the homeless and less fortunate but I have had a really hard time finding a charity to donate to that isn't faith based. I don't live in a huge city (greensboro, NC) so we can't exactly walk up to the homeless and hand these things out- it pretty much has to be donated to a shelter or soup kitchen, etc. I've emailed a lot of places and no one has gotten back to me. Does anyone have any suggestions on non faith based charities? My group is extremely interested in doing a lot of charity work and I really want this to be our first step.

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You could try this one too.


They're an AN group and quite new.
Hi Heather! Check out this blog post for a list of non-faith charities!

Hello Heather,

The following link has a long list of secular/atheistic charities. I am not sure though if any on them cover the homeless issue.


But maybe these two links may help you:

http://www.atheistnexus.org/group/atheistshelpingthehomeless (Joe Zamecki)

Oh and here is a link to find out whether a charity/organization is using your donations for religious purposes, or in ways that you are not normally privy to.


You might pose your question in the Nexus group: Atheist Do-Gooders.

There's also a list posted on that group.




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