Atheist Children's Hymns. "No One Loves Me This I Know"

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What a horrible belief - if Jesus doesn't love the child nobody does???

Does he think nonbelievers are incapable of loving their children?   Or that without Jesus loving the children of Christian parents, nobody would?

I guess what he's doing is pandering to the wish to denigrate atheists, among the Christians in his audiences. 

It's quite ugly that Christian audiences would find such a joke pleasing, though. 

I agree with Luara's 2 comments so far. I would also like to point out that Tim starts by ridiculing atheist mega-churches. I agree with him, but you have to see what he is doing here. He is passing on and strengthening the idea that atheism is also a religion and that it does have churches. Fundamentalist Christians believe this. At best if atheists had a "church" it would be like the Elks or the Eagles. Not to the fundy Christian. I came out of this background although not active for many years. Here are 2 keys to understanding a fundamentalist Christian:

1.  Everybody knows that there is a god.

2.  Atheism is just another religion.

Belief in these 2 things is why they have stupid answers for you. Keep these 2 things in mind while dealing with a believer and you can instantly see through conversation how fundamental they are.

I'm reminded of a news person replying to her co-worker on the idea of atheists wanting to fund a memorial for WW2 war dead. She remarks "if they are atheists and do not believe in an after life, just who are they honoring?"  What a stupid moron! Most likely a fundy Christian.

I'm sure everyone here has read this before. Asimov nailed exactly what the xtians are trying to do.

“There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there has always been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that 'my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.”
― Isaac Asimov

If they succeed in painting atheism as just another "belief", they win. The battle is on to show the default condition to be null. They must be forced to prove to every new generation they have evidence for their beliefs, which are supernatural.

if they are atheists and do not believe in an after life, just who are they honoring?

There's an afterlife in other people's minds. 

Except if humanity goes extinct.  Then truly we would have no afterlife. 

Unfortunately, whether or not we go extinct has no bearing in the mind of a theist. The possibility will just be rationalized as "part of gods plan". After all, who are we to question the great and powerful Oz...I mean god.

I think this honoring thing has gotten out of hand. Credit where credit is due but they've gotten it to the point where everyone is obligated to extend honor, whether they believe in a deity or not. I guess they can't get it out of their heads that we don't "need" to be on our knees all the time.

Fundamentalist Christians believe in rapture and Armageddon so strongly that if they thought they could make it all happen more quickly by starting a nuclear war, you would find their hand right there ready to push the button. Everything is about an afterlife and not this real life that you have. This is among the reasons that they are not concerned with climate change or environmental protection. Big deal. The time is at hand now and the earth is devoted to destruction.

Maybe he could add a verse,

"Jesus loves me, this I know,
The Catholic priest, has shown me so."

My take on this man and his songs is that he makes claims that simply are not able to be proven true. If he sings, "Jesus loves me, this I know" he is putting faith in a love that cannot be proved. Some would say they don't feel loved even if the song says so. 

If, on the other hand, he sings, "No one loves me this I know" is a lie; he paints with way too broad a brush. Every child deserves to be loved and not all children are. 

I don't want to take his bait! He sets up us-vs.-them mentality that has no place in modern life. Enough other differences separate us. We don't need a religious man creating songs to ridicule the non-religious.

If he created songs that brought people together who have different perceptions and encouraged learning from other traditions, we might have fewer quarrels in our government, our cultures and our homes.  

It's funny this should be brought up, especially in a song mocking atheists. One of the major reasons I started down the path of atheism had to do with this song (the original). Even at a young age, I had the creepy feeling I was being psychologically manipulated into latching onto the pants of an imaginary being I was told "loved" me. It occurred to me there was a real possibility we were all being encouraged to live afraid, clingy and neurotic.

Yes, atheists have no purpose in life. The purpose, you see, is serving god. That's what you live for because "he" gave you breath. Fighting your flesh is more than just fending off desires to fornicate. You have to put your house, money, children, and wife after ideas of pleasing god. God always comes first and you should not worry about this life. What is important is that life after you are dead. Then you can be before god smiling and singing his praises forever and ever and ever and ever . . . . . . . .Jesus Christ is this going to stop? Let me live my life and die already. I'm tired of singing. My voice is gone. God is getting his nuts off but I have had enough! Please let me go.

The very best reply I can think of is Jerry Phillips' version from his "Humanist Hymnal":


Mother loves me, this I know,
For she smiles and tells me so.
When I need someone to care,
I know she is always there.

Yes, Mother loves me.
Yes, Mother loves me.
Yes, Mother loves me,
She smiles and tells me so.

Father loves me, this I know.
For he smiles and tells me so.
In his strong and loving arms,
I'm protected from all harm.

Yes, Father loves me.
Yes, Father loves me.
Yes, Father loves me,
He smiles and tells me so.

Copyright 1997, by Jerry Phillips

Author's Note: 8/29/97......I know, I know....I'm suppose to be working on more carols for the holiday season.....and I will. It's just that this little "lullabye" could very well be one of the most important songs for RECLAIMING by we humanists. It's undoubtedly our very first exposure to indoctrination into the Christian Mythology. Our children need to be reassured of real parental love, not imaginary metaphysical love.
Sad.....these new lyrics may turn out to be ironic in the many instances of child abuse in our society. Not every mother is a loving mother. Not every father is protective.
But then, God's love does not even why promise it to a child? 
Visit the International Society for Prevention of Child Abuse and N... [link updated]




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