Once I got past being amused, I realized this situation continues to irritate me. While I support the growing Nones movement, I continue to question the wisdom of attempting to herd cats. It's almost like watching a bunch of people trying to form a "not naked" social group. Where do you go after you've professed your... none-ness?

I suppose this could just be me. I have no desire to get together to sing folk music and search for an existential kumbaya.

I've scratched my head regarding the motiviation of the founders of the Atheist Church. It would be irresponsible to make accusations but I've rarely been accused of being responsible. I sometimes wonder what's in it for them. When I look at many protestant congregations, I usually walk away thinking the pastor had no marketable skills and figured fleecing a flock was an acceptable career option. I see no reason why an Atheist might not think the same. Having reached their peak earning potential, fallen from grace, expressed remorse, shed tears and finding themselves unable to attract new rubes to fund another church...why not try atheism? After all, their money is just as good, right?

Maybe I need to elevate my belief in the innate goodness of my fellow man. Oh great, another argument over the evolutionary contributions that lead us towards innate goodness.

I should get back to the original topic. Is there a potential arms race brewing, with different congregations (hack, gag, phhhtttt) trying to out-disbelieve each other? I fear by allowing this church nonsense to build, we're making ourselves out to be a laughingstock within the theistic community. The last thing I want to be accused of is not knowing what I'm doing.

Wait... I'm agnostic so I'll get back to you when I figure out where I'm trying to go with this.

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" I'm with the herding cats."

Even if only for the entertainment value. :-)

Personally, I've always thought of myself as a dog. I'm a married guy though so maybe that explains it. On the plus side, I don't mess the carpet anymore, which keeps my wife happy.

I have said this before and will repeat:

Atheist societies, groups, associations, and maybe even "assemblies," though that flirts a bit with the "assembly of god" gang ... but "church?"  Not On My WORST Day!

1) Remove shoe

2) Remove sock

3) Trim nails

4) Lock 'n load

5) Shoot foot

Someone ELSE's foot, PLEASE!  I LIKE my feet ... quite a lot, actually!

I agree with Patricia. Well said

This is an ad for something. I don't know what, but here it is anyway

I’ve had similar thoughts, Greg.  I think it is because of something basic to human nature:   we organize around causes in which we BELIEVE, and we don’t tend to organize around DISbelief.

Groups that I belong to are groups that ADVANCE my own personal agenda (beliefs): 

Americans United for Separation of Church and State, a local Humanist group, and a political party’s local contingent. 

There are groups that advocate Women’s Rights, the Right to Vote,  Equal Rights, help to the poor,  and, yes, to spread “the word of God”.  None that I can think of exist to NOT promote a belief. Or proselytize dis-belief?

That’s why I am a bit suspicious of something like an “atheist church”.  I mean . . . “why”?

Same with the “Nones” movement. 

And . . . fund raising??  what for??  I mean, if there are too many members of the group to have the potluck at someone’s house,  pass the hat to rent a hall. 

Then, again, I’m a member here at A/N. 

Why does A/N exist?  To promote our mutual disbelief . . .?. . . OR to promote lively discussions around the subject of religion and its effects in the world ?  

That being said, I think it is just fine for atheists to want to come together for  affirmation, inspiration and fellowship . . . all of which are, after all, the main functions of a Christian church. 

Face it.  The “Atheist Church” is just a flimsy excuse to have a mixer for people who are “like minded”.  And that can’t be a bad thing, can it?

“The last thing I want to be accused of is not knowing what I'm doing.

Wait... I'm agnostic so I'll get back to you when I figure out where I'm trying to go with this."


Well, Greg, this IS ATHEIST/Nexus, so if you are an agnostic, why are you posting stuff here?

Maybe you don’t know what you’re doing.  :-)


I think many atheists are under the mistaken idea that atheism is some sort of an  “ideology” which can be promoted.  The result is that the theist community embraces that idea, and so feels free to label atheism a “religion”.  That way, they can couch the “debate” in their own theistic language.  (when there is NO debate in the first place, because you can’t debate faith, which is the essence of religion and, the lack-of-which is the essence of atheism)


"I should get back to the original topic. Is there a potential arms race brewing, with different congregations (hack, gag, phhhtttt) trying to out-disbelieve each other?"

No, not “out-disbelieve”, but, as silly as it sounds,  there appears to be some disagreement  as to what an atheist actually is . . . so, go figure.

Then, again, I’m of the notion that A/N is here for that very discussion.


As you can probably tell, Greg, I really enjoyed your post, and I had spare time today.

That's the thing. I want no part of a church. I'm as atheist as one can get. A sense of community would be nice but what would it be based on? A lack of belief? I just don't know where a person could go with it.

One day when I have some cash to spare, I may join the local chapter of CFI ... they have one here in Cleveland, I'm pretty sure.

Maybe it's a tax dodge? 

Are you referring that Atheist Nexus is an atheist church ? This page is not a church, at least I hope not, or else I had the wrong impression of AN.  This is a place where atheists gather and compare notes, add discussion topics, and post blogs. Some of us have our own blogs on Google or some other site.

I think the belief in the God of the Tanakh, and the God of the Old and New Testament, and the God of the Quran needs to be addressed for what it is, a serious threat to the freedom of citizens and to the welfare and ultimate survival of civilization and human kind. So I blog about it on Google, and I hope others here have blogs about the dangerous beliefs of religion and why they are wrong.

Another thing, I believe, is that all AN blogs can be found on Google. I know mine can be found on Google. So through the discussion topics and blogs of the members of AN  the word gets around the web, hopefully informing people of the logical reasons why the claims of religion are grossly false

As for getting atheists together being like herding cats, I don't quite agree. All atheists are together on the most important and basic thing, despite all other differences, and that is we all together share an absence of theistic belief/faith. We don't have to gather together in public gatherings. We have the internet to connect and combine our ideas through a web of scientific facts about nature and the basic immorality of Yahweh [Jehovah], Jesus [Jehovah], Allah and his prophet Mohammed. I can clearly understand the need for donations. To keep the sight up and running. Has nothing to do with greed on the owners part, so I hope that's not what you think.

Nexus is about as far from a church as you can get.  More like a Tavern, without the booze.  Or gathering around the dinner table.




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