i'll keep it short.  i don't like this idea.  not even a little bit. 

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makes no sense.... 

I don't like it either.

i know, right??!! 

What? surely he can't be serious. After so many debates with  believers gently explaining why Atheism is not a religion, this twat wants to build us a temple ffs. This has to be a joke item stolen from the "Onion"

we can hope that it isn't true.  i can't find any info on it anywhere besides HP.  this is the last thing the Atheist movement needs.  the high cost of this structure could be better used in so many other areas to promote secularism.


looks like it's a real thing.  it sounds like he has a very narrow view of Atheism, one that i doubt is very prevalent amongst many non-believers.

I hope you don't mind but I have just e-mailed in an effort to get this nonsense discussed there I am lost for words myself (which if you knew me would come as a surprise) what a prat that man is.

i don't mind at all.  one of many good things about Atheists is our interest in calling out our own kind when we see stupidity. 

Goddamn it! Now we're gonna have to put up with more of "See, Atheism IS a religion".

This sucks.

It would be a huge step backwards.


You took the words right out of my hand, Susan.


What a douchebag.

Good idea but badly thought out.
Thanks for the link. I think this idea conflicts with the purpose and meaning of what atheism is.




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