i'll keep it short.  i don't like this idea.  not even a little bit. 

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I like the idea of an atheist SOCIETY or an atheist ASSOCIATION ... but a CHURCH?!?



Are we sure it's not just an ironic statement/action. Sorta like how Colbert started a real "super pac" to bring awareness to what certain people can get away with (although in a comedic fashion). Here where I live, I know you can get away without paying taxes by being a religion. Is this guy maybe able to build an "atheist temple" and somehow able to make a bunch of tax free money by registering it as a religion to show what religions can get away with? No idea, just thinking up a possible "angle".


it's for real all right, and Dawkins is in agreement with what is being said on this thread - NO!

NO WAY!!!! Donate the costs of this 'church' to charity and stop being an idiot.



a building for public Christian worship.
public worship of God or a religious service in such a building: to attend church regularly.
( sometimes initial capital letter ) the whole body of Christian believers; Christendom.

so anyhew... considering how the fund xtians tried to erect (LOL) 'creationism' museums and label it science why not hijack their blessed term 'church!' ...
yet yay; though shal maketh darwin or hitchens perhaps roll in their afterlife beds LOL (had to..)
aaaaand.. yeah in UK it's fubar w/all the fundies. I mean I've seen violence and killings over who's more muslim or xtian there.. irony is the fundies of both flavors hate HATE or can't profit with the secular orgs running the system/machine of society.. even noticed on the cnn meltdown last night i think newt complaining about 'secular' ... wow what freaks last night.. nasty.

peace! long live Bishop King Dawkins!

sighhhhh... stop lyin' folks; it's all about sharing wealth of information and or money now...
I'm quite tired of the guy that vomits almost everday at the bus bench in my town...~



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