"Atheist Church" Poll is Counter Productive and Ill advised

I was sort of surprised when I signed in a few minutes ago that there was a poll asking about whether one would approve of / attend an atheist "church". Frankly , and with all due respect for the poll's author... I was disgusted for a number of reasons.

First, the term "church" is antithetical to atheism. A church is a place of worship, for theists. http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/church

Secondly, with all the mentally impaired theists calling atheism a "religion" and atheists working to counter their idiocy by telling them that atheism is a religion "like balness is a hair color, like NOT collecting stamps is a hobby" ... here we go talking about an "atheist church", giving them ammunition to renew their claim of atheism = religion.

Thirdly, exactly what do all of us have in common to justify a close knit social structure akin to a theist church? Do we all share a "belief system" in common? A common "world view"? I doubt it. You don't know mine, and I don't know yours, and nothing in being atheist defines one.

Do we feel the need for some "spiritual support" (oy!) by a group of like minded "non-believers"? I'd proffer that we all share in common only one thing...the ONLY thing inferred by "atheism": No belief in God/gods. period. Not much there around which to form a close knit "church" like structure.

Oh yes, we likely have some basic axiomatic principles we all support, like respect for science, the need for evidence to accept a "fact". Most of us accept Evolutionary theory as genuine. Some large percentage of us support the equality for women, and womens right to control their reporductive processes.

But there are already science clubs. There are already womens rights organizations. There are abortion rights orgs. etc. The concept of a Church (argghhh) which seeks to somehow service MY need or ANYONES need driven by one thing and one thing only: "No belief in God/gods" is not only unnecessary, but I find it both irrational and counterproductive to how Freethinkers are perceived.

That's not to say I object to clubs, reading groups, discussion forums, even activist organizations to ensure atheist rights of non-belief and separation of church and state are kept sacrosanct. Hell, I belong to a number of those and they serve a clear and defined purpose. But a formalized "church" is down right misguided. The very concept sets us back 50 years. The poll is misguded and ill advised.

That's my opinion. I could be wrong.
But I doubt it.

Yours in Reason and Reality,

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Kristy said: Self-published she may have been at the beginning

Uh..This book of mine IS MY BEGINNING. LOL!!!
seriously...are you retarded?

Now you're rethinking your Beatrix Potter comment but have neither the courage nor intellectual honesty to admit you were mistaken. How very sad for you.
What next? You'll say your reference to Beatrix marrrying her publisher wasn't meant to infer she never self published? Come on..thats a good tact for the intellectually dishonest. Go ahead, use it.

Do your silly retorts and defensiveness have no end? Or is this about your Queen Bee crown here slipping?

[ waits for the next shamefully inane and vapid comment from the Queen Bee]
I don't mind having a small like group gatherings and such to discuss topics among atheists but such a place or group shouldnt be called "church" nor should we establish a set of principles or a doctrine. That's counter-intuitive.

what I like about atheistnexus is that you only need to be an atheist. Essentially, belief that deity and deities dont exist. IT's great to know that im not alone as i thought. It's so stupid of some atheists to do unbaptisms or whatever. Illogical imo. But i do support organizations that encourage secularism.
Krusty, don't bite me.

Firstly, I loathe Myers-Briggs, but its not entirely without substance. I would suggest that Kristy, and others that seem to like formalised organisations and fancy labels, would tend towards the bottom left, while those that recoil in horror are top right [graph].

An a atheist church is kind of like Mensa. If it rings your bell, well and good. But it really isn't for everyone, as the poll reflected. A lot of people here can eat Mensa tests for breakfast, yet don't want to join or even view it with disdain (like me, but I distrust anything more than 2 people like). There is more wisdom than humour in Groucho Marx's famous one liner -

I don’t care to belong to any club that will have me as a member

A|N is a different beast. It is informal, chaotic and structureless. Yet, paradoxically, very organised. It cannot be compared to an atheist church. It is probably at the limit of organisation many of us will take. The idea of formalised meetings with agendas and chair-people and minute takers reeks a bit of work, or is just plain outside our comfort zone. But if it suits you - go for it. It can't hurt, as long as there's no pressure on the rest of us to conform.

Jesus fucking Christ, Felch. I didn't think I'd have to spell it out for you, too. NOBODY is supporting an atheist church - not me, not AN, and obviously only the tiniest percentage of our members. The objection of the OP was to the existence of a poll about the idea on AN's home page.

Hump wrote: The poll is misguded and ill advised.

As for joining groups, I agree that it's not for everyone - noone has suggested it is. But, again, that was not the point. Catana said he/she didn't "understand why anyone would think that nonbelief is something around which you can form a social community." What riles me is that people keep throwing this around despite the fact that atheist social communities can and do exist - both in the cyber and real worlds. So, obviously, nonbelief is something around which you can form a social community. Whether you want to join such a community is, of course, entirely up to you. The fact that you've joined AN suggests that you do - because that is clearly what it is.

Saying, "I don't understand how you can form a social community around atheism," is as ridiculous as saying, "I don't understand how something as complex as an eye can just 'evolve'". Just because you don't understand it, doesn't mean that it's not a fact. Atheist communities are a fact so, obviously, many atheists find they have sufficient in common to form successful, close-knit social groups.

As with the Mensa thread, Felch, it's the irrationalism and failure to base their opinions on evidence which floors me.
I asked you not to bite me.

Kristy: Jesus fucking Christ, Felch. I didn't think I'd have to spell it out for you, too. NOBODY is supporting an atheist church

I didn't say anyone was. I just said that there are people that like organisations and formalities and there's the rest of us. And to do what thou wilt, because it's irrelevant to me. I bring a message of peace and tolerance. Just call me Ghandi.
You got bit.
If there was a rep button, I would rep you.
Click "About Us" and then "Report an Issue".

Report? Not what I meant D:
Oh, sorry Jay. I was feeling a bit like the Black Knight in Monty Python and the Holy Grail and mistook you for someone wanting to hack off another limb. ;-) Thanks for the thought. :D
Having a tough time of it out there, Kristy? Some days, are indeed, better than others.
If there was a Church of Monty Python, I would go to it every Sunday. Any Church with hymns like "Every Sperm is Sacred" is worth worshiping.




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