I saw what appeared to be a survey asking what people thought about atheist churches on the main screen a while back. That puzzled me. If the question was about having facilities to help indoctrinate secular values into youth, I would think that atheists would have the sense to not indicate a particular religion when doing so. Atheists can be former Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, etc. and even born and raised atheists. I support the notion of advocating secular values, but I would like to use a term like temple. I know, some people would say that temple indicates Judaism, but there are many cultures that make "temples". There are Buddhist temples, Jewish temples, Greco-Roman temples and temples of doom. What do you think?

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How about:

Collegium i.e 'The first Collegium of Free Thought' or 'The first Collegium of Nontheism' or 'The first Collegium of Skepticism' or 'The first Collegium of Humanism' the later I like the most.

It's simple to understand and to the point plus not a word that produces suspicion.
Not all atheists are humanists. We would want to include all atheists.
Why go any further and borrow from what theists use?

Why not call it Nexus?
How about - "LIBRARY".
A library is a place where people are discouraged from talking. I would like to design a place that encourages discussion. It should have good seasting arrangements for groups of people and areas for debate. This would make it easier for people to mingle rather than the uncomfortable standing mingling after most sermons. I would like there to be some museum-like elements, but the ability to express one's self should be included, so individual members could build displays.
I like that! The Secular Institute, The FreeThought Institute or The Institute of Cultural Advancement Through Secular Research (ICATSR).
I can't get it...I mean...Atheist Church ? Atheist Temple ? .....Temple, Churches are for Religions. As everyone knows Atheists are non religious. So how there can be Atheist Church ? Atheist Temple ? I mean, Atheists are not going to pray for something..........Its actually Atheists Meeting places.There should be some name for it.
Y'all still arguing about the atheist church thing? I argued that with Timotheus of the North Texas Church of Freethought in the 80's; "church" just means a group or gathering of people, the religious have no monopoly on the word.
I'd rather not indoctrinate our youths with our values. I trust they are capable of making their own decisions. You can guide them in the right direction, but you can't drag them where you want them to be. What other point would there be for a secular church? What would we do there? Sounds terribly boring to me.

Anybody ever seen that episode of Metalocalypse? When Murderface was trying to find a religion?
I agree. We need relationships and we need culture.
I agree with the ideas, Fred. Some atheists do have the same kinds of social needs that many Christians find in church. As a general rule, and a helluvan irony, I think most atheists take "God and religion" more seriously than most Christians do. For many of them it's about the social connections and they just accept and go along with the religious part. There is no rational reason that a group of freethinkers (including atheists, humanists, etc.) could not have their own church. I think Brother Richard is considering the idea of starting one in the Atlanta area. What would we do? Same thing Christians do at theirs minus the supernatural parts. Hear a talk, maybe a skit, have some music, and simply socialise with (mostly) like minded folk. I understand some atheists are totallly individualistic and have no need of such things. Same for many Christians. But why should there not be places for those who would enjoy the bit of structure and socialising?
I think that having central locations is important for finding people. Many of the monthly meetups happen at different places at different times. At least having the same place at different times we could have more meetings. This reminds me of how one usually does not need to have any one piece of a culture to belong to it, but one needs to have at least one piece of that culture to be connected to it.



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