Holy, crap, twice in one week, "Truth-Dig" slams atheists!  I used to like this rag for their unconventional perspective, but now they are just pissing me off with this crap!  So much for "truth".


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Hart [in his book “Atheist Delusions: The Christian Revolution and Its Fashionable Enemies”] has the gifts of a good advocate. He writes with clarity and force, and he drives his points home again and again. He exposes his opponents’ errors of fact or logic with ruthless precision. He is generous in making concessions on his own side, provided they leave intact his overarching claims. Above all, he has ensured that his brief is modest and manageable.

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It's just a book review. The book is the author's own opinion, the review is clearly attributed to Anthony Kenny. Kenny has been fairly scathing about Richard Dawkins but equally scathing, on occasion, about his detractors. His main problem with Dawkins seems to be an accusation that Dawkins fails to differentiate between religion and belief in god. I'm not sure how accurate that assessment is, though it is a distinction that we would all be as well to bear in mind and all too often gets blurred by atheists and theists alike. Deists would see themselves riding right on the line of this distinction; agnostics (which the former seminarian Kenny likes to term himself) would lean slightly to the side of the atheists on that line.
Kenny's review is not a ringing endorsement of Hart's book and is at times very critical (especially when he moves into Kenny's own areas of expertise, such as Aristotle).
Most atheists would rush to defend Dawkins. Most Christians would jump to Hart's side. Kenny is a renowned intellectual and philosopher whose own views lie somewhere in between the two. He has been very critical of Dawkins as being too strident, and here he seems to favour Hart for his forensic reasoning, though it should be taken in the context of knowing where Kenny stands on the matter, rather than as an impartial review.
I'd never heard of truthdig until I watched this Harris vs Hedges debate.

As I understand it the moderator of the debate, Robert Scheer, is the publisher of truthdig. He was the worst moderator I've watched. He hijacked the conversation with his clearly bias opinions. It annoyed me enough that I haven't bothered with the site since.

Perhaps I'm being dismissive and there's some redeeming qualities to truthdig beyond the publisher. Having said that, if the publisher can't clam up and moderate a debate I don't hold out much hope for the rest of the site.




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