Video from Saturday's demonstration on the beach in the OC.


Ray Comfort wasn't at the Southern California pier this Saturday (September 17) but there were other preachers there and some of them weren't evangelizing for religion.
15 members of Backyard Skeptics, an Orange County-based group of humanists, rational thinkers, atheists and agnostics, were there too. According to an OC Register article, some bore posters with slogans like  “Smile. You’re not alone. Millions are good without God” and “Worship me or I’ll send you to eternal hell … Have a nice day … (signed) God.” One, Barry Hope, stood next to Baptist street-preacher Greg Allen with a poster that read, "We're NOT with him" (see photo). That, however, wasn't all they were doing.

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I'm always opposed to destroying books.  The more people who read the Wholly Babble, the more atheists.


Thanks for the article link.

This shows that just a few people in a group can obtain publicity from the media




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