Atheist demonstrators to rip pages from bibles Saturday

They're taking a page, so to speak, from Thomas Jefferson's book...


Orange County, CA may be best known for TV shows about spoiled rich teens frolicing on the beach, but this Saturday (September 17) there'll be something different happening along the OC shores; a demonstration to publicize biblical immorality by a local atheist group. Backyard Skeptics, a local group of atheists, agnostics and skeptics will meet for lunch near the Huntington Beach pier and afterwards hold what their meetup page describes as an outreach program of dialogues with theists and anyone else who'd like to talk with them. But that's not all they're doing. According to the Orange County Register, they plan to publicly rip out passages from the Bible that they describe as promoting immoral laws.

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Somebody get someone in PR on the phone right now!


why not grind the books up make papermache's of cats; paint them florescent
and then start a black light club call it "feline blasphemy"
or OR!
take quarans and bibles switch the covers and watch people freak out!

I agree Richard, it's not good for the atheist image.
Haven't seen what happened.  This kind of behavior is infantile.  The only purpose is to provoke controversy and piss people off.  It just says "look at me - I can make you angry".  There are probably a billion bibles in the world, it won't miss a few.  It does not lead to any kind of meaningful dialogue.
The full article (linked at the bottom of the intro to this discussion) seems much less bible-ripping.  I think the reporter exaggerated to stir up readers and garner advertising dollars.
I think a more productive use of time is if you burned, or ripped or whatever print outs of the specific versus rather then use a bible. So if they stick to photocopies like they say they might then the issue might not be as problematic.
That's what they ended up doing.




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