Atheist Diaspora: Separating the Atheist from the believers?

Do you ever feel that we should just withdraw from the world and create our own society somewhere? What would happen if we just removed all our support and left the planet to to the believers?

I guess I am just tired of arguing today.

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Why are you waiving a treat in front of me that I can never have. :(  I don't do that to my cats.  Well not too often.  Still you don't want a completely homogeneous population biologically speaking or ideologically. 

From what I can tell there is plenty of ideological differentiation in atheism. Just ask any Objectivist. LOL.

Agreed, I find atheists to be quite diverse ideologically (especially politically).

Where would we go? There's no unclaimed land left that is ideally habitable. Our only chance for something like this would have to come with the advent of viable space travel which is a long way away.

Also, not to sound like an Armageddonist, but grouping together geographically would just make us an easy target for what I'm assuming will be hostile neighbors. Do we really want our haven to turn into a situation like Israel?

I don't know. However, I don't have any confidence in our survival anyway. No matter how many people become atheist I think we are always going to be outnumbered. I am just getting tired of having to counter the believer propaganda.

I can understand that. I have an intentional message on my Facebook info that says:

Warning. No One Under The Age Of 18 Will Be Allowed. This is a place for adult conversations.

ATTENTION: Some things you should now:
I am an atheist. If you don't want to see anti-religion and anti-god comments then you should probably avoid being on my friends list.
I am a socialist. I make no apologies for that either. If you don't want to hear anti-capitalist rants then you should probably avoid being on my friends list.
If you join my friends list then be prepared and deal with it.

It is the dealing with the general public that is getting to me. What set me off today is an article in my local paper.

Community guest columnist Tim Lee: Imagining no God means playing God:

The repetitiveness of having to have the exact same conversation over and over again is getting to me.

I got so tired of trying to filter out the comments from believers who had friended me. I don't have to worry about that now.

The world will actually end...

Leaving the planet would amount to cowardice. This can be thought of only if we are totally frustrated and if we are not sure of our ultimate victory. Atheism is a truth and that is why we strongly believe it and so, it is bound to prevail. We also have a strong friend and allly in science, which was not available to many ancient atheists, but they did not think of leaving this world. How can we doubt that science will not win?

I doubt that we can when because the numbers are stacked against us. It is great that a whole bunch of atheist are coming forward, but our numbers are actually pretty insignificant in comparison to the number of believers.

Science is great. However, certain levels of scientific literacy and belief are compatible. You don't have to abandon belief to progress in science and you can still use the scientific discoveries of the atheist to power your own technology. Iran is a theocracy, but that isn't stopping them from using science to further their religious extremism.

Maybe the lesson that science can teach is that stupid trumps reason when there are more stupid people than reasonable people.

Dee Neely

Science is barely 600 years old and religions are thousands of years old and still, science has won significant victories agaist religions in a small time. We have never seen and will never see religion winnig aginst science, again because science is truth and religion is imagination. Science is going to progress very fast in the coming years, our lives are already heavily dependent on science and technology and their influence on our lives is going to be so much more that no one will be able to deny what science says. Already there are several reasons to doubt existance of god,and soon,  it will be known for what it is :a myth. Let us not remain in doubt. I am an optimist who implicitly trusts science.     

I am absolutely not advocating violence, but can I quote a favorite character:

River Tam: Put a bullet to me. Bullet in the brain pan. Squish.

Or maybe Robert Heinlein:

Stupidity cannot be cured with money, or through education, or by legislation. Stupidity is not a sin, the victim can't help being stupid. But stupidity is the only universal capital crime; the sentence is death, there is no appeal, and execution is carried out automatically and without pity




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