Atheist displays displace nativity scenes at Santa Monica park this Xmas

Move over Baby Jesus. In an unusual turn-about, atheists will be utilizing all but 4 of 21 holiday display spaces provided by the city of Santa Monica, CA.


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Thanks for the post. Cool display.

Happy to oblige. I wish I could have shown pictures of all the atheist displays.

Was there an Atheist Nexus display there?

Hi Hugh,

Interesting, and thanks.

I liked this part the best.

One last note: All the holiday displays at Santa Monica's Pacific Palisades Park will be protected by security fencing this year. Season's Greetings.

A little irony makes a good ending, hehe!

I thought it funny, but then after thinking about it for a while, if this is how the city council perceives Christians in the local area....... 




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