Hi all!

I'm currently in the process of writing an epic fantasy series of novels, with a series-spanning theme of atheism and pragmatism. Part of the plot in the books involves it being proven unequivocally that no gods or afterlife exist. The effect on society and the characters is explored, and eventually the sinister source of the religious texts in the fictional world (Torea) becomes known.

I currently self-publish and have two book available and a third imminent. I don't want to use this as crass place to plug my work - I won't discuss the books themselves for that reason. However I'm trying to secure a print deal and am in discussion with a literary agent. He asked me to produce a book proposal which includes a 'competing books' section. I'm finding this very hard to complete. I don't know any books which are similar, especially that are fairly recently published and by less known authors. 

The stories read a bit like character-heavy fantasy adventure stories, with dwarves, elves, dark elves and dragons and of course, atheism (Though it's subtle in the first book.)

Can anyone suggest some competing books? Comparable works which I can put in my competing books section of the proposal?


Martyn Stanley

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Hi Martyn, you can mention my books "The Freak God" and "A new God in Athens". Both have atheist messages. The first one is about theological paradox which is an atheistic God, and the second one is a sequel which takes place in classical Greece. Both books are on Amazon Kindle. The second one is also on KOBO books.

 Authors make crap up all the time. Simply make believe that it is in direct compitition with Tolken etc. I am not being flippant. Christian authors put out crap and try to pass it off as "Epic Adventures" all the time. There is an entire YouTube channel dedicated to this called Gawd Awefull movies. Just sell the idea. I wish you the best.




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