Hey, everyone. I am a second generation Atheist, even though my mother is Jewish and my father is Christian. Neither of their family's had any affect on me, though I liked the Jewish side a lot better. Well, the Christian (Italian) side had better food!

I am the Producer, Director and Screenwriter of CHAPTERS AND VERSE, which was the world's first fictional feature film that showed Atheists as main characters in a positive light.

I recently launched www.AtheistFlix.com. Please check it out.

Friendly regards!


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Thank you very much. I appreciate that. Sure, there have been films and videos before that featured atheists ("God Said Ha!") and so on, but no one ever took the time to create a production company simply to produce films and videos for and about Atheists. I am hoping to get a lot of support from around the world. Let's be honest. If I set up a site called CRISTIAN FLIX, I'd be getting a heck of a lot of money and media attention and support. I want to show that our community is strong and loyal, too.

We are hoping to start shooting our first project very soon. We love the idea of doing one on the ATHEiST BUS campaign.




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