Hey everyone! Just joined up and thought I'd jump on the forum and say hello and tell you a bit about myself. I'm Pete, a post grad student studying evolutionary genetics and zoology. Specifically, I'm looking at phylogeography and population/landscape genetics of a large species of lizards. I love all things secular/science/atheism, music, biology and salt and vinegar chips. Glad I found this community, looks like it'll be a lot of fun getting involved! All the best!



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Welcome to the forum.  I like the name, it matches the occupation.  Out of curiosity, were you raised with religion?  I'm guessing not, due to your occupation.  I always like testing my guesses.

Hey Michael, thanks mate! Haha yeah I've had this alias for quite a while now so if you see it around it's most probably me ranting away. Haha, yeah you are correct. My mother was raised in a christian family, though going to church each sunday and saying grace before dinner was about as far as it went for them (and still goes for my grandparents). However, she was always interested in science and biology and effectively became an atheist in her late teens/early 20s. I think she may have taken me to church a handful of times when I was a toddler, simply to see her friends and that's about it. Dad was always an atheist, again studied science, biology and teaching at uni and has always been an atheist. So I was lucky enough to grow up in a family and environment that fostered questioning and curiosity, not indoctrination. I'm thankful for that as conversely, my uncle and aunty are the head of a fundamentalist protestant following in Melbourne known as "the family" from what I gather. It's ironic as my uncle was a born again at around 20 something and in later years has slowly taken it to the extreme by ostracising all of his family and getting his followers to do much the same. Fruit loops... Probably partly the reason I'm so passionate about atheism and science.


Anyway, sorry for the essay :D Nice to meet you mate!



Thanks for the reply Pete.  From my profile you can see that my upbringing wasn’t quite as realistic.  Luckily, my family wasn’t over the top with their faith.  My wife and I have done our best to make sure that our girls are free of all that baggage.  I hope the experiment works for their sake.

Hey Hemant, nice to meet you too! :D


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