Hello, fellow nontheists. My name is Daniel. I was raised in a Catholic Household. I have a huge family in terms of uncles, aunts and cousins, and they are all Catholic as well. I went to church every sunday since age 6 to 10. And I never cared about my religion. I never actually prayed (except a few times in which they were left obviously unanswered) then at age 11 I became Atheist of my own accord.



Although my parents and family never knew I was Atheist. They still believed I was Catholic. They always had a habit of ignoring the issue on many if not all occasions. At age 15 in High School, I became Agnostic, but with a Satanic overtone. That is, a few people thought I was Satanic (in which of course I told them that) but it was a teenage phase in which I loved wearing black and listening to Death Metal and Black Metal. But I was Agnostic because I truly didn't know if God existed or not, and didn't show much care.



After High school, I had a bit of a religious thing going on, in which I became heavily paranoid. I was miserable, my parents have been a huge thorn in my side for the longest time and still are. But when I actually did research, looked up Atheism, I watched Bill Maher's Religulous, had a time in which I researched Religious history. I watched past news sessions online which involved religion, and watched some of Richard Dawkin's debates and Christopher Hitchens too, I became Fascinated with Atheism actually.


It felt good being an Atheist. When I found out Evolution was a fact and theory, in which before I was in an environment in which it was just a belief, like God, I felt liberated. The paranoia went away. The anger and sadness went away. And even though I feel great resentment towards my parents because of issues with them all my life, I feel at peace.


I know Religious people say the same with their "experiences" but I can safely say they don't know the true feeling of "peace". The feeling of the world's weight is off your shoulders. A sense of freedom you never felt before. It felt so good.


So after deciding I'm through with religion, I became Anti-Religious and a Secular Humanist.


My only true goal being to settle down with a wife and kids would be enough. But I wanna contribute to the cause that Christopher and Richard are doing. It is a dream I tend to try and make a reality.


Sorry for the long ramblings, just thought I should try and make myself feel at home. :)


Thanks for reading, again my name is Daniel and I am 20.





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Hi Daniel
Welcome and cheers. I never had a site like this when I was 20. So, I was a closet atheist for 45 years. Look around and join the discussions. No theist here. You'll find this site an island of respite with just a wee bit of Pastafarian thrown in.
Welcome Daniel. I too had a liberation moment (which, as you mention, is not unlike the 'born-again' experience that some Christian describe), and it is the most important thing that ever happened to me.

Thanks for sharing your story!
Thanks for the warm welcome! And yeah I'll definitely check out the organizations. And I definitely plan to chat and join in on discussions. Thanks again!


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