One of these was posted to my Facebook page and I thought this was the perfect place to share:


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eddie izzard rocks. i've never seen a funny standup comedian that was christian. i've watched them and they always seemed to be competing: "see? i can be just as funny as those godless druggies! really! what is it about those drive-throughs? seriously." if i were to hazard a guess as to the majority of really funny comedians i've seen who were raving atheists (bill hicks was still a theist, but was filled with hate against anything organized) it would be that it takes critical thinking and being a bit messed up to be a comedian. and you don't have to be messed up to be an atheist, but it's certainly hard to not be resentful with all the blathering dullards out there trying to push it down your throats.

the only popular christian standup comedian i know of is dane cook, who reminds me of the guy that was beating up holden caulfield in the bathroom in the book catcher in the rye because holden wouldn't shut up.

here's his little skit, which is the *only* standup routine i've ever seen where anyone bashes atheism:

anyways my few cents on some atheist comedy.

here's my comedy (atheist, but not about atheism):
In case you're interested, this site does have an "Atheist Humor" group you might enjoy.
No offense Morgan, but I watched the Dane Cook routine. Yeah, well, there's six minutes of my life I'll never get back.
you might have misinterpreted me pat, i think dane cook is an idiot. :) i thought his routine was flaccid comedy. george carlin is one of my heroes and dane cook doesn't put a candle to him. i'll check out the atheist humor group, thanks rudy!
i think dane cook is an idiot. In that, sir, we are in complete agreement. Rudy's recommendation is spot on. One of the first things I checked out when I became a member. I still check it every day, and laugh my rear end off.

Idiocy aside, Dane Cook's main problem is that he isn't funny, I never realized he was a "christian" comedian. When his first special was on Comedy Central I didn't last the six minutes Pat did.
Then, there's always this.




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