I'm Vivek 18 years old(in a week) doing my degree in English Literature & an aspiring film maker.I live in INDIA , kerala to be precise , a south Indian state where Atheism is regarded as the ultimate perversion , people here don't hate Atheists , they feel sorry for you , they show so much pity that you feel like you're suffering from some desiease and you have no time live.. My social life is as big as my self confidence . I don't know any other atheists here & coming from a very dysfunctional family doesn't help much...That leaves me the only option to stay away from people and always have limits .I cant let people near me & know about my family cause that will prove their theory that ALL ATHEISTS ARE FUCKEDUP LOSERS. Every one will be more than happy to make their judegements ...

in short I'm Fucked !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hi Vivek. You can only believe what you believe, and keep challenging yourself, remain true to yourself and keep developing. If anyone can't accept that, it's their problem and not yours. Hopefully you'll gradually develop friendships with like-minded individuals, but at the very least you should realise that true friends are those who appreciate diversity and appreciate people who are genuine and true to their beliefs.


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