If you were offered a chance to give an invocation, what would you say?

Part of me would want to respond in kind to the "in Jesus name" folks by declaring unity among all those present in denial of gods with a lot of "we" words.

But I found a great example of an atheist invocation in Grand Rapids not too long ago.

(but I don't think the embedded link is working.  here is the url http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z2-qyuxbBj4 )


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"Let us reason together in the name of humanity."
I like "with reason and compassion" even though tolerance for beliefs can only go as far as tolerance for Schizophrenia. Beliefs need to be treated like a disease.
and I'm not being intolerant of psychological or neurological disorders, so don't claim I'm being a "hater" because if you make such a claim, you are still under the influence of religion.




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