16-year-old James Doyle was shot in the chest by 14-year-old Daniel Nadler on June 27, 2010. Doyle was an Atheist, Nadler a Christian. They were arguing about religion at the time of the murder. Apparently, Christian + hormonal teen + argument about religion + shotgun = murder, but does not equal a hate crime. The case has been under reported in the press. Plus, it was not an accident.



considering this:

freethought counter:

I can understand the 'evangelical' issues... usually of 'the sexual revolution'
and the 1980's, TV and lies r' us Inc.

how much more blood on the hands of supposed faiths are folks gonna kowtow to?

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Murdering someone for their faith would be a hate crime, murdering them for their lack of faith is not. x__x Welcome to the 21st century.
A 14 year old kid is old enough to make his own decisions and be responsible. I hope they put him away for a long time so he doesn't kill anymore people just because they don't see eye to eye.
This is absolute bs. If it were opposite I it would be considered a hate crime. Sadly, these days killing an atheist is non even considered a crime I guess, the boys getting second degree murder or less for premeditating to kill him! Wow and Christians claim they have morals. What morals? There's no justice here.


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