David Nicholls, President of the Atheist Foundation of Australia speaks out about religion, atheism, politics and the forthcoming Rise of Atheism Global Atheist Convention to be held in Australia in March 2010.

David Nicholls also posted the following question for high-profile Australian Jesuit priest, Fr Frank Brennan's appearance on a recent Australian television show. Unfortunately (and predictably) the question was not aired, but the question remains valid, although I assume Brennan would have side-stepped it as he did on the question of the Church's view on gay marriage.

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I was planning on going to this shindig until I was told that Australian women are extremely horny and at my age that could be a death sentence!
Thank you Walter, your comments always add class and gravitas to the important and serious issues I am trying to promote. I really don't know what I would do without your insights.
Har, Walter. Me too. Glad to meet Mr. Nicholls. Sure look forward to all pics and video clips that become available from the Convention.
Thanks Temy.


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